Friday, November 18, 2011

you again

All right, ladies. I've been at a conference for work for a week and had no internet except for the Blackberry, so I've been off blogs for a week. And we all know what that means:


So, also, I have to add here an excursus on Things I Should Not Be Doing. Specifically: watching television. More specifically: five to seven hours a day, because I had cable in my hotel room. I would watch things I was less and less interested in until I was totally physically exhausted - until I could not keep my eyes open any more. Obviously, this is punishment in itself (though I wasn't as bad as usual - I didn't find any Criminal Minds and I changed the channel on objectionable things earlier than often occurs to me of late, so mostly I watched House Hunters and Chopped), but additionally, I was punished, anyway. It was Florida, so there were lots of Disney and theme park commercials, and one of them went on in the rosiest of tones about experiencing wonder and beauty and life (i.e., commercially manufactured consumer experiences - but whatever) through the eyes of one's children. And, you know, the happy smiling parents and whatever.

Obviously I know this is true, not just some phenomenon fabricated by the Disney franchise; back when I was in law school, since I adore carving pumpkins (and getting dressed up in costume and making Christmas decorations and cookies and baking things in general and going out to cut your own Christmas tree and sledding and making my own hot cocoa and singing Christmas carols in the car and making snow angels and forts and nine million other things that are not as fun by yourself and which for some reason my husband does not seem to get into that much), I would borrow someone else's child (we had a friend who was a single dad who was only too happy to have someone else organize kid activities) and buy pumpkins and make an afternoon of it. So I had an excuse to act like a big kid without seeming sad and pathetic, or crazy, or both.

Now, however, since I am married and for a long time and borrowing someone else's child is probably more sad and pathetic than carving a pumpkin all by myself, I generally avoid other people's kids unless socially necessary, and I never carve pumpkins any more.

My point is, generally I'm OK with this - I make the odd bitter comment, but this is my life, and I'm used to it, and there are other sources of joy besides carving pumpkins (many of which are less messy. Also, pumpkins around here are outrageously overpriced). But for some reason that Disney commercial was eye-opening - I will get old, and I will die, and I will be alone, and no one will succeed me. Not that that's a good reason to have children, of course, but it's a natural effect of having them, and a natural part of life. How the world is supposed to work. Except, not for me.

On a more lighthearted (but still TV-related) note, I started watching The New Girl, which just began this season. I never start watching TV shows when they first come out (generally I don't even hear of them for years after they start running), but I checked out the pilot of this one because I find Zooey Deschanel so charming (and I love her sister in Bones). And it's stupid and glorifies a lot of life choices I think are wrong and general lifestyle choices embraced by my generation that I think are harmful, but. It's soooo charming. The "douche" jar (although I hate, hate, hate when people - usually guys - use "douchebag" to describe someone who is a cad, or a jerk, or a scumbag, or whatever. Say that. "Douchebag" is gross, and it's not necessary to be crude all the time) - that alone was so awesome I was immediately convinced to watch another episode.

And it is in fact super-adorable. There are so many delightfully amusing little bits -

"You have gotten so much worse."
"Why do you dress like an old man?"
"...anyone named Patel..."
"Do I need thicker pyjamas?"

So I'm really enjoying that - no doubt yet another vice I will have to extract from my life after I have grown way too attached to it. (But I think I am cutting down the shows in my TV rotation, and likewise blogs. Not infertility blogs, though. Just some of the ones to which I was devoting way too much time.)

Also, there will be before and after pictures of my house, I promise - but, as of yet, not one room is 100% finished. The bathroom still needs a second shower curtain (this part I can probably knock out pretty soon). The third bedroom needs my great-grandmother's antique treadle-foot sewing machine, which is in upstate New York, and several pictures, but I can't hang the pictures until I hang that wall with wallpaper, and I haven't found the right wallpaper yet. And the first bedroom still needs a wall of wallpaper and a headboard, and the wallpaper should really be here by now (it's not) and the headboard - I have not found the perfect headboard yet (for a reasonable price). And the dining room needs wallpaper (that should be arriving with the other wallpaper), and the living room needs molding and a border (this is not what you think it is, I promise). But I have made substantial progress with all of them. You just can't see yet. I'm sorry. I still love you.


  1. Hmm, I must be sad and pathetic, because I enjoy carving pumpkins by myself. I find it really enjoyable - like pursuing any amateurish form of art from knitting to playing the piano. ;) I guess I shouldn't tell people about my habit.

  2. I have always loved Disney (the old school movies, not the new crap) and one of the worst parts of being infertile (and not yet parenting) was that all of a sudden I couldn't even think about watching my huge collection (which I mostly bought while single). It became painful because I had no idea if there would ever be a little one to introduce to Goofy and Donald Duck or to watch Peter Pan with.
    I am waiting with baited breath for those pictures! Can't wait to see what the house looks like. I absolutely adore before and afters :).

  3. 1. There are days when I too watch too much tv.
    2. Relatedly, I love New Girl. I relate to her a bit, in that I also like to to myself a lot.
    3. Can't wait for the before and afters!

  4. Chopped and househunters? They're my favorite shows; oh how I miss cable.

    I'm looking forward to pictures of your house.

  5. I am definitely not pg! I've told Mr JB that I am closed for business, I can't imagine a pain-free day let alone any sort of TTC!

    I lost brain cells while in the US. Canadian TV is not only behind, but so much more boring! I could not look away from E and Bravo (we have both stations, but the blander cousins of what you guys have!). And what is up with House Hunters? I can't look away! It's on all the time!

    Can't wait to see the fruits of your labour in your new house. I'm trying to figure out how to convince my retired dad (who loves painting!) to help me in our neglected guest room. He did replace my kitchen faucet yesterday, so perhaps I may have his pity. I need to work the pity card while I can!

  6. I don't know of any pregnancies ... and I'm not one of them either! :-)
    Perhaps you should take up a few things you used to enjoy again that you don't anymore. This is a new house and you can "begin again." I'm sure the kids that spent time with you really enjoyed the activities and your undivided attention.
    I'm excited to see your house pics! I love "before" and "afters"!!!

  7. I can't wait to see the house when it's done! And, I love the New Girl too. Also, Disney commercials are a bunch of hooey.

  8. I like House Hunters. Call me crazy. You know, there's an old teadle sewing machine that my great-grandmother used to own at my grandparents' (now my uncle's) house. I'd forgotten all about it. That's definitely the kind of thing that would look great on display in an old, renovated home.