Thursday, August 4, 2011

still not dead yet

Redundant, yes, but it seemed appropriate.

So I am still alive and faintly less delinquent about blogging and commenting. But, not so's you'd notice.

My pregnant friend is no longer pregnant; she had her baby on Saturday. To celebrate her transition out of pregnancy, my husband and I went and got ice cream with the folks whose wedding we attended in May; I believe she's in her second trimester? Or just about? No, no, that's not really why we got ice cream with them :). He...the husband...was/is a good friend; the wife I'm fond of but know far less well.

Of course I vividly remember a year or so ago - well, March of 2010, actually, because he and I went shopping for the party we were all co-hosting, at which he met his wife - when he was talking about how difficult it was to be single still, and how you don't know that God's plan for your life will actually include marriage, and I made some very general comment about having kids being the same, and I got the standard "oh please God no don't bring that up I swear I will fake a heart attack right here in Costco" face. OK, bud.

Obviously that wasn't just my paranoia, because though he said nothing at the time (other than changing the subject), when first he saw us after their wedding (they've been all over visiting family this summer), he didn't tell us. And then later that night when her old roommate (and a friend of ours) was about to stop by where some folks were hanging out, he made his announcement in a great hurry. Points for recognizing that you'd look like a prize jerk if we heard about your wife's pregnancy from her friend with you sitting right there. Points for recognizing it was a sensitive subject with us. Some leeway for not knowing how best to broach something like that. But I have to say...he therefore announced it in front of a dozen people (as you may recall, that's my pet peeve, having to be on display with my initial reaction); he was too uncomfortable to announce it to just my DH and me. Because, what, we'd outnumber him? You have to be in the fertile majority when you drop a bombshell on these poor people?

And I had already figured out that she was expecting (I mentioned this in a prior post), so when it was just the three of us hanging out and my DH said something about it probably being for the best that we don't have kids (because so much of our lives is up in the air - but our friend is about to be between jobs and is stressed about it, so I would take that hard if I were him), I said something to make him feel better, to the effect that there are bad things about not having kids, too. Maybe I should just try to make other people feel rotten about having kids? (If I'm going to do that effectively, I need to get on a better fitness program. Note to self...)

I whine a lot. There are some good things too. This week I had discussion groups on both The Poem of the Cid (on which El Cid was based - it's an 11th century epic poem, I believe), and the Iliad. That was awesome. I only got through book IX (of XXIV) of the Iliad, but I finished the other. I am promising myself I will finish the Iliad soon - and work more on my law review article, and on the painting I started but made very little progress on. But all this is difficult, because I really need to be packing (my husband and I have a packing date tonight, which I'm actually looking forward to).

This is because it looks like we're finally moving on this house. Every milestone we've looked forward to as "this will mean it's a done deal" has come with an "oh OK, now that we've done this we can get it to the final approval," which of course is only the prelude to a different approval. However, we've signed and initialed piles of documents in the past week, and we've chosen to behave as if this were actually going to get resolved. This Monday we gave notice to our landlords that we were vacating effective August 31. Saturday we had the new house inspected. I started processing the final approval on our loan ten days ago, before we even got word from the bank on the short sale (the non-final final word; we're still waiting for the slightly-more-final word which I'm sure will also not be final), and we locked in a 4.5% interest rate. (Yes, I am VERY proud of myself for that. They went up the next day.) We've requested the appraisal, and next I shall begin agitating for the termite inspection and a roofer to come out (we know there are some issues, we need to know the extent). We're hoping to close August 26. Actually, that's really about the only time we can close. Prayers for cool weather that weekend for our move would be appreciated.

So maybe soon there will be posts of me decorating my house...maybe. We'll see.


  1. Oh, yay for the house!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly from here on out.

    I'm glad you're still alive, but would it be selfish to say I miss your posts? Hoping that maybe you can find more time for that once things settle down in the new place.


  2. How exciting that you're moving! I can't wait to see how you decorate your new house - it's going to be amazing, I'm sure!

  3. That's SO exciting about your house!! I hope everything goes well...I will be sending good "moving" thoughts your way. I know all too well what an ordeal it is! And once you get settled YOU have to post new house pics too! (I promise I'm working on getting unpacked...)

  4. woo hoo! go house !!!

  5. Blah, blah, and blah-ggity blah... and oh yeah, we're getting the house.

    Way to save the good stuff 'til the end!!!


  6. i have been wondering how the house deal was going! i am really excited for you that things seem to be moving forward!! you should definitely take a picture of each room "before", because we all know that you are going to totally put your amazing decorating stamp on that house!!