Sunday, August 28, 2011

the bathroom

As you may recall, I posted on my plans for our (possible) future back yard space here, and some assorted interior decor ideas here. (And most recently I noted how my wallpaper ideas have evolved following my receipt of some samples here.)

It seems like as good a time as any to resume the redecorating planning posts, yes?

There are 1.5 baths. This is the only photo I have, of the full bath (obviously). As you see, it has a nice claw-foot bath. This also has a shower attachment. My DH hates it (he wants an enclosed shower and believes this one is unsafe); I, of course, love it. The sink appears to be a clam-shell one in this photo, but it actually isn't. The sink and toilet are new, but in a sort of older style, which I'm happy with. As you can probably tell, they redid it relatively recently - those are real hardwood floors (not my first choice for the bathroom, but they're in good shape so far), but of course not original to the house. So it doesn't need any major renovation or anything.

It is, however, very small, and maximizing space will be necessary. There's already a hotel-style towel rack behind the door (which of course is invisible in the picture). I think there should also be a cupboard or shelves over the toilet (outside the frame on the right-hand side). I also have a little bitty three-drawer chest that I use in our bathroom now. I may paint it a color that matches the new bathroom better (currently it's off-white), but that will help to hold toiletries and so forth.

I am still debating about the walls. I've been thinking about wallpaper, obviously. This was my absolute favorite print:

But the factory was out of stock and they won't even send me a sample. After I finished sulking, I decided it was just as well. I'm looking at one "accent" wall of wallpaper for the bedrooms (and all four walls above the chair rail for the dining room - but that will make a bigger impact, so I think it's worth it), but all four walls for the bathroom. Though the bathroom obviously is not large, I think that adds up to about ten rolls of wallpaper. The favorite print is about $28 per roll, but there are a number of prints in the $11-12 range, so I've decided to focus on some of those. (The one I got a sample of and hated was $11.) Currently I'm looking at this one:

Although it's a little bit fussy. I like damask, but I would prefer to go with a damask with cleaner lines for the bathroom (since the space is small and I don't want it to look overwrought). This one has much cleaner lines:

...but maybe it's too modern? And then there's this one:

A bit cleaner lines, not too modern, but the print is on a very large scale. I don't know whether that will look awesome or insane. (I have yet to order samples of these. Soon.)

And then, as before mentioned, I am still thinking about just keeping it simple and painting -something like this color:

So that leaves textiles, which make for fairly dominant decor in the bathroom, I think. To balance my eye-catching wallpaper, I plan to go simple there. I have white fluffy bath and hand towels. And I recently bought super-pile white cotton bath mats:

And I am (have I mentioned this before?) kind of oddly in love with this shower curtain:

I don't know why, I just think it's completely awesome. It's designer, so it's way too expensive, and also, my husband hates it. But I do also like this one:

I think in view of the fact that I showed him the octopus first, he said that the tree is not so bad. I know, contemporary design is not usually my cup of tea. But I just find them charming. And I think it's reasonable to buy a few textiles with a more contemporary bent, since they wear out so quickly - the more durable things will be more traditional. I originally found the tree on (love!), but it's available here.

And then I had a brilliant inspiration: the clawfoot tub requires two shower curtains to go all the way around. I can put the tree one on the back most of the time. On the front I can put something plainer - I just bought this on clearance:
(Mine is white.) And then when I'm feeling a bit more whimsical, I can switch the tree to the front. I also bought these shower curtain rings (that's chrome):
OK. I think I'm pretty well squared away here. Maybe more of a rainshower head for the bath, but that's about it.


  1. I love both shower curtains!

    When I lived out west I lived in a rental with a claw foot tub and I loved it. It was the best to soak in and it looked so good aesthetically. Too bad my roommate was certifiably crazy.

  2. I like the idea of the paint, or either of the last two wallpapers best. I think they are nice prints. ...and there really is something rather interesting about that octopus. I actually kind of like it too!

  3. I have to say it. I loathe wallpaper in the bathroom. There. Please don't hate me.

    Maybe because I grew up with it, until I was in high school and my mother FINALLY switched to tile and paint because the wallpaper was peeling and you could see the nasty mildew growing behind it... blech!!

    One of the very first things I did was rip off the wallpaper in our bathroom - never mind that it was very large yellow flowers (I don't hate ALL flowers, but why is it that every single old lady in America has a love affair with giant flower decor and the color "dusty rose??"), but it was also moldy. Gross.

    I do like your choices - - I guess you won't be swayed to do painted stencil designs, huh? ;)

  4. Hooray for pattern and textiles! Not so sure about that octopus shower curtain, though ... but I'm sure if you put it up you WILL get guest comments on that one!

  5. I just LOVE the clawfoot tub!

  6. I don't know why, but the octopus shower curtain appeals to me, too. Totally not my "normal" taste, but there's something eye-catching about it, I agree.

    I wanted to drop by and thank you for your thoughtful comments on my blog, too. You always write in a way that makes me stop and think again -- whether its about what I said, or what you are saying, either way, I sincerely appreciate it. As a teacher, I loved the imagery of the "Venn diagram of IVF/RPL." I was like -- yes! exactly!-- as I read that, and I am so glad that I have a kindred spirit out there, walking this lonely path if not right in step with me, then at least within my line of sight.

    Much love,

  7. I love the octopus. LOVE! Where is it from and how ridiculously expensive is it? I'm kinda afraid to ask.