Tuesday, April 19, 2011

something else

As I wait not-particularly-patiently to hear back about the house, I am expanding my home decor imaginings ever further. We know I've picked out paint and wallpaper for a lot of the house. Oh, wait. Did I forget to share every excruciating detail with you? Well, then.

You're familiar, I'm sure, with my chosen kitchen color scheme:

Gast Architects: Projects traditional kitchen

Slate painted wood lower cabinets, warm white upper cabinets, pale creamy yellow walls. I have already allowed myself to bring a few sample paint chips home to pick out the yellow (which will go in earlier, since I have to replace the cabinetry before I can paint it, and I may not do that immediately). This is because the current kitchen is a bit of a disaster:

Off the kitchen, and at the extreme back of the house, is the tiny laundry room. I am starting to be tempted to use this color scheme for real:

Laundry Room contemporary

Then on the other side (moving toward the front of the house) is the dining room:

You know I still love my peacock mural. But if not that...maybe this wallpaper?

And I would paint everything below the chair rail white, in that case. Or maybe...first I could put up some analgypta, and then paint it white. Too much?

Next is the living room:

I kind of like this wallpaper for it:

And as we know, I like this wallpaper for our room (1-2 walls):

And maybe very light gray paint on the other walls (like so. That is Sherwin Williams's "agreeable gray"):

And then there's the itty-bitty third bedroom, the one that has the maid's staircase:

I have an inspiration palette for it:

Including wallpaper I will never be able to afford:

But perhaps there is an affordable substitute? I'm not sure about the second bedroom yet. Maybe something to do with green.

So I've done some mental work on wall colors. I've also done a good bit of thinking about furniture and other things, which is nothing new. But lately I've also branched out. For example: window treatments. I found an absolutely gorgeous linen drapery panel in an old issue of Victoria magazine, and my search for the manufacturer on the internet was unsuccessful, but did lead me to this place. Tell me all those fabrics are not outrageously awesome. OK, and outrageously expensive. I'm not going to buy them, people. I'm going to think about them.

I may make some linen sheers (I can actually sew pretty well. This turns out to be a closely kept secret in blogland, because I'm, ah, too perpetually unproductive to ever get around to any sewing), maybe from this awesome fabric discounter. Such as maybe this fabric:

And I just discovered that Ikea sells Venetian blinds - you know, the real wooden kind, and at a good price, too:

I would be perfectly happy with some of those (I see them as completely different from vinyl mini-blinds, which I loathe), but I can't figure out in my mind which windows will want sheers, which will want curtains, and which will want blinds. Is there an easy way to sort through this quandary? Blinds upstairs and curtains downstairs? Other way around???

And now I'm also thinking about landscaping. Of course I will only plant perennials; depending on when we get the notice to move, I might harvest some of the daffodil bulbs that randomly grow in the middle of our current lawn and are under constant threat from the lawnmower (in the hypothetical universe in which we actually mow). I will plant them along the sides of the front walk. And maybe another type of bulb as well...such as freesia? And I might want some of that iron fencing across the front yard. With maybe peonies in front of it. And maybe holly bushes behind? And I think I need to plant some azaleas in front of the front porch. And eventually there will have to be lilacs in the back yard. And a cherry tree and an apple tree or two. And a bit of a vegetable garden.

This could end up taking up a lot of my time.


  1. So jealous of your ability to put it all together like that! I have great ideas (taken from others' great ideas, usually) but lack the ability to really pull it all together. Furthermore, even though we can afford to do it, I choke on the cost of it all and end up living with a plain-ish house.

  2. You are being so productive as you wait to hear about your house!!!! Have you ever thought about decorating on the side (like you have time!)? Your design ideas are fantastic!!!! I love the wallpaper for your bedroom!!!!

  3. But Karen - it's not expensive! If you pay a contractor, it would be outrageous, but if you just want some wallpaper and paint, you could do it yourself for just a little. Paint goes on sale. And I've found some great discount wallpaper websites (no, they're not paying me. They have no idea I exist). And places to buy tile and countertops cheaply. And, obviously, blinds. You can buy a lot of linens at thrift stores (you have to look carefully, but you can get great stuff for pennies on the dollar). I buy all my furniture from craigslist, pretty much. I am not endorsing excessive spending! If you have things you're looking for, email me. I am a great finder.

  4. This is sooo fun!!! I love projects and you have many on your hands. You will be a busy woman but it will be so fun to see what comes of it all! To be able to start from scratch and do what you want!!! I love your taste:) I can't wait to see what you end up doing!!

  5. Wow, some people are such amazing decorators. I LOVE it all. Totally jealous :)I am not a decorator but love houses that are done well with such good taste.

  6. Oh how fun - I'm so impressed with your style!

  7. I love the colors you're thinking of!

  8. I LOVE the peach, and I remember when you first posted that color scheme idea :) Have you considered stenciling in lieu of wallpapering for the more intricate designs? You can do it either subtley with a very similar color or boldly with a much darker/lighter hue than the base coat. We're going to eventaully be stenciling our master with a design similar to the white/blue wallpaper you showed up above. (I'm thinking a very bold/metallic teal blue shade.)

    And of course you will need to put "agreeable gray" SOMEWHERE in the house, so as to be agreeable.

  9. I love the dining room wallpaper you have selected! Love it.

  10. I need your professional services. Can I hire you. I am serious.

  11. I see all the potential: you're going to make your home so beautiful!

    Are you and your DH doing better?

  12. I love it all! I'm so happy to see you writing about happier things and am hoping that means your life has calmed a bit.