Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Part whatever.

I just realized that I need to fix the hinge on one of the kitchen cupboard doors, so I want to be clear that I am not done, done. Maybe that will never happen. But.

I rehung all the hateful mini-blinds (except in the double window where I didn't have to use curtain hardware - I can just take the curtain down at the last minute and not have any holes to fill in). I filled in all the screw holes from where I hung hardware for curtains. I patched all the holes in the plaster. I patched cracks in the fireplace mortar. My landlord came and caulked the gap in the bathtub (but didn't do anything about the fact that the bathtub for some reason appears to be sinking. Of course). I painted over everything I had patched. I used tri-sodium phosphate to clean the soot from the fireplace mantel and the bathroom walls and ceiling (from candles). I repainted the fireplace where the soot had stained it. We went through all the books and came up with three laundry baskets full to give away (still need to cart them to the Goodwill), and I went through all the other closets, shelves, and containers that contain things and threw out a significant percentage of said things. We discovered and killed a mouse. That means (other than the aforementioned cupboard doors I just remembered) the "repair" phase is done. Next is cleaning (the house was TRASHED by the time I finished all that stuff), and next is projects (mending, artwork).

So I started cleaning - I got the laundry room, kitchen, and bathroom done before I was derailed by Easter. I've started the guest room/area, and I need to finish that and clean the living room and our bedroom (my husband may not know it, but he's going to help me with those). This past weekend, I also made a lamb cake for Easter, bought wedding presents (with my BBB coupons) for the two weddings we have on the next two weekends (more people who will soon have babies before me. I have already mentally prepared - don't worry), and bought maaaaaybe just a couple of small things for my future house.

It goes without saying that I have also spent loads of time poring over old-fashioned wallpaper for the rooms of the new house (no, no news. Why would there be news?).

AND, I finally conquered my flexible spending account. A flexible spending account is a totally evil impostor version of a health savings account, that your brain tricks you into believing is basically the same because it has two of the same letters. Do not be fooled. The concept is simple: HSA good. FSA evil. Even though it's your money in the FSA (taken out before taxes, which is why it's supposed to save you money), they make you jump through a million hoops to prove that it's for medical purposes, and even when you obviously have documentation, they constantly reject claims that aren't documented in just the way they would like. Because I lie all the time about my medical expenses. You know, as one does.

And, FSA money expires; you have deadlines to turn in (the umpteenth version of) all these receipts that they reject. April 30, 2011, is the deadline for FSA money from 2010 (and believe me, I will not have another one of these after 2010!), and I got in all my documentation as of this past week! I only put $1000 in the account (we spent almost twice that on medical stuff), but I was afraid I was going to lose some of it because they rejected hundreds of dollars in claims. Instead of saving me money on taxes, it was going to lose me money that would just be taken away and never returned. BUT I WON! They paid me the last of my $1000 and now the nightmare is over.

I almost typed, "Bring it on, 2011 - I can take you," and then deleted it (you see there it's in quotation marks - that doesn't count), because I have an HSG on Thursday, and I could have, like, a Cowper's Gland where my ovaries are supposed to be. My victories are small; my enemies are potentially of infinite variety and near-infinite power. But I am not giving up.


  1. Phew! I'm exhausted just reading this post! I'm so very impressed with all your mad skills and accomplishing power - this is great! And conquering your FSA is one seriously amazing feat - believe me, I know. Those things are painful!!!

    Good luck on Thursday - will be thinking of you.

  2. If you have a Cowper's Gland... I'm sorry to have to say, I would laugh my ass off.

  3. Good for you!! I always love the RAAAAA posts. :) Good luck with your HSG this week!! I will be thinking of you.

  4. Wow. I wish I could get as much done as you have. I've never been organized enough to manage it, I think. You are simply incredible. Seriously.