Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Yesterday I took my fifth femara pill (out of five. I remembered them all). I don't feel any ill effects so far (not even a high level of irritability). And no abdominal pain. If anything, this month (and last month, I guess) I've felt less abdominal pain pre-ovulation than usual, and it's already CD8, so it would usually have started by now. Isn't that interesting. I also have an appointment with Dr. L/C on Friday, because, according to her nurse, she thought that it had been too long since I'd actually had an appointment and she wanted to get some things straightened out. (I can't argue with that.) And amazingly, she had an opening on my day off.

Because I am angelically good, responsible, and virtuous, I remembered that I had a scrip for a TSH blood test moldering in my handbag, and I nipped in yesterday morning before work to get the blood drawn. That means the lab will be faxing the results to Tep.eyac today, but Dr. L/C likely won't even have noticed they're in by my appointment. But - it won't be my fault. So there!

Other goals for my appointment: get an HCG prescription in a form that I can actually fill. (I need to scrutinize these scrips the minute I get them. But even if I do, the enduring problem is that - shocker - I'm not a doctor, and so I simply don't know what formulations can be, for example, injected intramuscularly versus subcutaneously. Though I eventually learn everything by trial and error.)

(Also, why did my five-pill femara prescription cost $40 after insurance coverage? This is more usually a cancer drug, and cancer patients take it daily. $240 a month, with insurance, for a life-saving medication? Really? Is this a recent change in the efficacy of prescription drug benefits that other people are experiencing too, or just a random blip in my coverage?)

I also need to get a diagnosis and prescription (I don't really care for what. OK, I lied. There's a growing list of medications I will not take) for my TEBB (yes, I have TEBB. I guess I just realized it a month ago, pondering my charts. I can't figure out whether it started recently or not, because there's no place on FF for color, so I haven't kept track). I also want something for the end-of-cycle spotting, but I am sure Dr. L/C will say that the femara and/or HCG will fix this (and she may well be right, so I'll give it a couple of months before I argue). Finally, I guess I probably need another HSG. I don't want one, but I don't really want to go on a lot more (somewhat expensive) drugs when there is a mechanical problem that trumps everything else I could be doing.

Also, there is no word on the house yet. My homicidal tendencies toward my realtor wax and wane, but matters seem to be proceeding, I guess, which is good. If the bank takes long enough to respond that interest rates go up (I understand they are presently going down, which is good, because they were a lot lower in September), I am going to be out for blood, though. We did visit it again and I figured out that I could put the refrigerator in the kitchen (it's currently in the adjacent laundry room. You were worried about this, I know).

I am making some, albeit slow, progress on the culling of my personal possessions, (rental) home repairs, and early packing I have set out for myself for the pre-bank-approval limbo phase. In my view, I must still go through the rest of the items in our house that hold other items, and weed out the contents. Then I must pack my winter clothes, some of the books, things from the china-and-linens closet, and stationery.

I must also repair the plaster in two rooms (I didn't cause the damage in either, BTW), report the structural oddity by the bathtub to my landlord, and make sure all the electrical sockets work. (All this is because a friend has expressed interest in taking over our lease. While this would make leaving our current arrangement much easier, it also means I feel I must leave the house in decent condition - not just in comparable condition to what we found.) And of course I am still amassing a collection of inspiration photos and paint colors and so forth for my house.

Also, I think it's fitting to include a running tribute to a great man, without whom the world is the poorer...

"You might end up dead is my middle name." "But, Frank, what about Jane?" "I don't know her middle name."


  1. My husband takes Femara almost every other day. We pay $60 a month. It sucks! He started taking HCG and Femara at the same time. When we filled the prescription they said $70, I ASSUMED that the HCG was the expensive drug. Little did I know...

  2. My Femara suddenly jacked up in price, too, and I think it's because they caught on that it is being used "off-label" and not always for cancer, particularly if you're only filling it for 5-10pills (Well, Pharmacist, see I only have 10 days to live, so...)

    I think you need some good ol' fashioned Biaxin for your TEBB. It is THE ONLY thing that kicked mine in the bud. I may just take some more next cycle. Gimme the word if you'd like to know where to get some ;)

  3. I am so glad that I have been off the Femara train, although I have no clue if the price has gone up. We have different rules up here in the Great White North!

    I'm in the TEBB club too. It subsided for a while, but is back (as is my endo, I suspect). I'm thinking that antibiotics are in my future too :(

  4. Ok, ya got me. I do not know what TEBB is. I am guessing it has nothing to do with this - Oh, just googled + infertility, got it. (Really, I actually have that, but I never found a doctor willing to take it seriously.)
    Catching up on missed posts - from someone who knows the law strictly as a student of L&O (so I can say fruit of the poisended tree and that's it) - your realtor is an idiot. Who in their right mind signs (initials, whatever!) -anything- they haven't understood? I think that's more or less carte blanche and nobody wants that.

  5. I don't put it past the various drug companies to hike up the price of something for any little excuse, life saving or not. I'm still in shock of the insane price hike of a formulation of progesterone use to prevent premature birth just because some new company now owns the rights to it. Blatant greed.