Sunday, February 6, 2011

shop and support a fellow blogger!!!

I am very late posting this, but there is still a little time!

The lovely Sarah of the Babies Everywhere, But None That Call Me Mama blog is holding an auction to raise funds for her adoption. They have really cool stuff - pretty jewelry, aprons, cute burp cloth sets and girls' dresses for the parents in the gang (or those looking for baby gifts!), some exotic linens from the family's travels abroad - go check it all out. You can visit the auction here. (It's actually really straightforward.)

The auction ends at midnight (Pacific time) tonight, so there is still time to bid on things! Go! Shop!


  1. NOooooOoo I missed it! :( Rats!!! I hope it went AWESOME!

  2. Thanks for posting :).

    I think it went way too fast, and everyone is begging us to do another we are! Mary, if you want to catch the next one, it'll be March 12th.