Tuesday, November 16, 2010

please help - very sad (m/c) question

I am sad to have this occasion to write a post, but there's no font of knowledge (even the very sad kind) better than the blogosphere, as I have found many times.

Friends of my husband's have miscarried twins. All that we know so far is that they are having trouble with their insurance company because of how far along they were in the pregnancy, and (since we're both lawyers - um, completely useless for almost all legal questions, including this one, but other people don't realize that) they've called us to ask for a bit of advice. I am told that insurance "won't cover it" because they were earlier than 18 weeks along, and that "it" costs $15,000.

What I don't know is what "it" is, whether "it" has already happened, what their policy says about it, who their carrier is, or how much before 18 weeks they were. Obviously, these are all the important questions. (Sigh...they're important from the legal perspective. Of course, to this family, all that's really important is that their babies are dead.)

Anyway, here's what I need to find out, insofar as you know, or have heard:
  • How late is it possible to deliver naturally after a miscarriage (rather than getting a D&C)?
  • Are you aware of a post-miscarriage D&C having been covered by insurance (and, if so, by what insurance company)?
  • How much is a D&C (for miscarriage reasons; I understand that the prices on aborting a live baby are completely different) supposed to cost?

For reference, if it matters, I believe the family lives in the Pacific Northwest.

I'm sorry to add so much sadness to everyone's Tuesday. Believe it or not, if only in a very little (and not nearly making-it-worth-it) sort of way, the sufferings experienced by so many of the women I've met through these pages may be able to lighten the burden of another family in this case.

And of course, I am sure they would not turn down your prayers.


  1. My D&C was covered, well we end up paying $500 but we have high deductible insurance...not sure what the issue is...

  2. This is too sad. I am just not sure at all. I really don't have much knowledge about later miscarriages. But, my prayers are with you and your friends. So, so sad.

  3. Oh I'm so sorry for their losses. That is so sad. I had a D&C at 9.5 weeks and it was covered by my insurance (BCBS) but I know we paid something; must have been the deductible. Then I had a 2nd D&C (well, they actually called it a D&E) because they didn't get everything the first time and it was also covered. With that kind of price tag, it seems like "it" might have been a delivery instead of a D&C? Just guessing. I remember my doc said that up until about 17-18 weeks they could still do a D&C but not at my local hospital only at the specialty hospital being that far along. Hope that helps.

  4. I have no idea, only prayers to offer.

    How horribly sad.

  5. A miscarriage is a loss in the first 20 weeks of gestation. After that, it's called stillbirth.

    I don't know about how long doctor's will wait after a miscarriage to see if you can expel naturally. Usually once you are above 8 or 9 weeks when the baby died (not when you discovered it), doctors will strongly suggest D&C. You can wait for weeks to see if the body will expel, but I think (am not certain) that you risk health issues because it is unlikely the body will do so without help once you get to that point.

    I've had 2 D&C and my BCBS insurance covered them minus the hospital co-pay. Have they already had the D&C? Is it possible she didn't get pre-approval and her insurance K required it?

    As for cost, I checked my insurance records online and the total for the last one was aound $19,200 (if it would not have been covered. Ins. eligible drops that amount.) The big expenses were $16391 to hospital, 975 + 560 for the 2 doctors.

    Hope that helps. I'm so sad for them to be in this situation.

  6. Nothing like adding insult to injury..ins. co's can make things so complicated...let your friends know that you know of a group of women who are storming the heavens with prayers for them. I hope this situation resolves soon for them. God Bless.

  7. When I had a missed m/c I needed a d&c and did not have insurance. I ended up going to a women's clinic to have the procedure. Technically an abortion clinic. Having this option was the only thing that saved us from a thousand dollar(s?) price tag though. It was only about $500 and the Dr. who did it was a licensed surgeon who volunteered on her free time and was the sweetest woman ever. She had a heart of gold I think. Anyway, that's my 2 cents, I hope it helps.

  8. oh goodness. I have no advice, but I am glad you can be a friend to these people. How awful that on top of their grief and loss, they have to deal with insurance woes. ugh! I hope you or someone can help them, even if it is just to be the stern voice on the phone so they can cry on their own. You are a good friend -- clearly from the previous post too. I admire you.

  9. I am so sad for your friends. The loss is bad enough, then to have the insurance company jerking them around (like insurance companies like to do).

    Both of my m/c were around 8 weeks and my OB gave me the choice to either let it happen naturally or get a D&C. I chose D&C both times and it was covered by my insurance (First Health). I don't remember the total but I paid around $500 out of pocket for the hospital and both doctors.

    Tell your friends we are praying for them.