Saturday, October 30, 2010


This seems like the logical follow-on post to CD1, yes? Although that post could also have been entitled, "Chocolate." Specifically, an entire bag of miniature Butterfinger bars, most of which I managed to polish off just on Thursday evening. Um, while watching four episodes of Hell's Kitchen in a row and otherwise playing on the internet. Some time during the first episode, I actually started laughing and realized I was in a good mood for the first time all day. So I kept watching until it was after 4AM and I was near collapse. It seemed like the right thing to do. And I have decided that I get to eat what I want, watch what I want, and more or less do what I want, until I forget that I just started a new cycle, or stop being upset about it. The scale said something inexcusably rude this morning, and I decided that that was its problem, and I was going to enjoy my chocolate until I happened to feel like running instead.

On that subject, shopping. So some of you may know the perennial blog commenter Kerry, who does not have a blog of her own but faithfully follows a good number of IF blogs. Thanks to her super sleuthing skills, she tracked me down (after I appeared on a group photo posted on another blog - with my permission, but without my name or my blog linked), having realized I went to school with her husband. Then she moved to the DC area. Also, if I did not mention this, she is awesome.

So anyway, of course, we went shopping, and I have to say, meeting delightful friends (and shopping buddies!) has got to be one of the biggest perks of IF blogging. It's funny how after running into another IFer in person (even if, as in this case, you had already met her IRL, and even if she isn't technically a blogger) you immediately go into your treatment history, and new things you're thinking of trying, and what people you know have tried what diet to help with that, and other IFers you've just run into, and all the people you know who've made particularly traumatic pregnancy announcements recently. (I believe the horror that is facebook is also a particularly ever-green IF meetup topic. We should try to have it abolished, I think.)

We don't have any pictures, because we are anonymous, people. Just picture Ikea in your heads and you've got the basic idea.

Anyway, I don't know whether I am authorized to share this with teh interwebz, but Kerry's charming husband told her that we should organize an IF conference of some sort. So we are pondering. You ponder too, yes? What do you think?


  1. You almost had me convinced to sneak a bite of the Halloween chocolate sitting on the counter for this evening until you wrote that the scale had been rude to you afterward. I already have a rude scale, so I shall not tempt fate after all.

    IF?? Don't know the abbreviation.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. a massive blog shout out!!! This is almost as good as actually having a blog.

    you lie- you are the entire chocolate bag minus at least 5. YUM.

    share away--- I've continued to pray about the "conference" idea, and so far I've come up with a few tangential ideas which I will share in due time.


  3. Let's do it! I'll be there:) I was thinking the same thing this I wanted an IF retreat!

  4. I want some good IF time too! Aren't IF friends the best?

  5. Yay for shopping!

    I was in a staring match with the Halloween candy the other night, too, until I read the labels and realized I couldn't eat any of it anyway. That's one way to remove temptation completely! I'm definitely a fan of indulging during your period! At least as long as it doesn't make you feel worse :).

    Tell us more about this conference idea!

  6. I would love it. It would be cool to meet in person.

  7. Hey, the Washington Post did an article last week (or was it the week before? front page of the metro section) about infertility and facebook. I did not actually love the article for various reasons, but I thought it was cool the Post gave attention to the issue. Facebook can be a beast: I do not post belly shots or have pregnancy status updates because I hated having all those darn bellies staring out at me every time I got tired of work and "needed" a short facebook distraction.

  8. I read that. I had some concerns with it too - in an effort, no doubt, to be "balanced," it made IFers sound hypocritical to a degree that I don't believe they are (although people constantly surprise me).

  9. the blogging world is so small, isn't it?