Wednesday, July 7, 2010

a bit of pretty

I am sure I have approximately 700,000 thoughts that I will be disgorging here in about that same number of words in some post soon. (People actually reading are positively heroic.) Today, since the words seem to have encountered a severe verbal traffic jam, I

(OK, that one also had words. It's wise, though, isn't it?)

Armani Fall 2010. Love. LOVE.

Also (same show) this skirt. In my head, I think I've owned it for years already. Sadly, this is probably not true...

And Christian Dior. I never realized before how much I wanted to be a flower.

Sometimes one thinks one might like to trade bodies with a fertile woman. Actually, if I had the opportunity, I might try to trade bodies with Marion Cotillard.

Some woman made that out of her SHED.

The least pretty of my pretties, no? But the most on my mind. It's an older Cape Cod sort of thing, not huge, and on sale in the DC metro area for...more than nothing, but not by much. It is apparently a complete teardown and/or scratch rehab (and you know where my preferences lie). It's also very close to (by which I mean literally next door to) my castle house that I probably can't convince my DH is a great idea to buy - i.e., perfect commute, perfect proximity to a beloved little church. But also close to that traffic noise that my DH does not like. And I'm still figuring out safety issues in the neighborhood (might have to stop by the local precinct - I've already checked out all the mapping tools). Haven't shared it with the DH yet - still mulling it over in my mind.

Anyway, enough words.


  1. interesting how the shape of the tree was echoed in the Armani dress.

  2. i saw that shed/garden room on some site talking about making beautiful spaces out of what you already own...

    if i owned a shed it would never turn out anything like that.

  3. Okay, I can totally see you in that Armani dress. Pretty!

  4. I love love love Marion Cotillard. Have you seen La vie en rouge? soooo good!

  5. The recovery poster is perfect.

    I wish I had the money to buy lovely clothes.

    Wow, that shed is amazing!

    You should at least tell your husband about the house, so he can at least consider it.