Monday, July 6, 2009

under siege

I am aware that I am a total posting delinquent. And my commenting has been pretty poor also - when I've gotten five minutes here or there I've tried to throw a comment out, but I've been nothing like consistent. But, there is a reason.

I got off work several hours early Thursday and had Friday off. Fortunately - because two friends came into town this weekend. The DH and I spent all weekend hosting. We have a one bedroom home (and we turned the dining room into a guest room/study), and on Thursday and Saturday, we had three people staying with us each night. (Friday was two, Sunday was one.) Our two friends arrived from foreign parts (separately) on Thursday, and then another friend or two just dropped in until we had eight people. At some point I threw a bunch of food on the grill and suddenly we had a barbeque. My house is usually relatively quiet, and this wasn't even planned. We stayed up till well after three, drinking wine (well, I don't drink) on the patio and chatting. The next morning we all got up late and found ourselves hanging out on the patio at noon making brunch. By the evening we'd all showered, and we drove up to some friends' in Baltimore and they grilled. Nine of us made it up there and had a great time talking until about, well, three in the morning, at which point most of us drove all the way back home to NoVA. After that, the DH and I were exhausted, and we spent Saturday afternoon sleeping and vegetating. Then we headed over to another friend's - she has an apartment right next to Iwo Jima, for a PERFECT view of the DC fireworks without having to cross the Potomac. (Driving would still have been impossible, though - the five-minute drive would have taken ninety, so we took the metro.) She put together a lovely party and we all had a good time chatting till about one - and then a bunch of people came back to my house. By this time, everyone had been up all night quite a bit, so only half a bottle of wine was finished. Two friends from the Maryland side stayed the night, along with our out-of-town guest (our other out-of-town guest had already left). We also got to vigil Mass that afternoon, which was good, because on Sunday, we managed to get ourselves out of bed well before noon, and seven of us drove to Monticello to see Thomas Jefferson's home. It was a lot of fun, but if I had understood how long it would take to drive before I went, I would have protested. Everyone reappeared at my house (where all the cars were parked - we have an unusually large amount of parking) around 7ish, and I happened to have pork chops thawed, so I managed to throw dinner together for six people, and then the boys went to the store and brought back Trivial Pursuit, and we played till midnight (my team won!). In testament to the sheer amount of socializing everyone had done that weekend, and the relative maturity of our friends, nobody touched the bottle of wine I offered Sunday night, and everyone left by midnight. WHEW. I was only ten minutes late to work today, but man, was I tired.

Two things are worthy of note: first, I am not this popular - our out-of-town guest has been friends with many of our friends in the area for years and years, so everyone wants to see her. Plus, you know, we're just a lot of fun. Also, if I drank alcohol, I would not have been able to do this. For the next excursion, we're talking about biking the 10-15 miles to Mt. Vernon. Maybe next weekend.

Anyway, I'm seriously behind on everything bloggy (and sleep). I am slowly trying to catch up. My awful cramps finally went away, but got random extra day of spotting after I had stopped spotting, and have no idea what that's about. I'm very proud that through all of my activities, I didn't miss a day of tamoxifen and haven't yet missed a single dose of mucinex (2x day) or amoxicillin (3x day). This is my second day of them, and only CD11, so I think I should know by tomorrow-ish whether they're working. I really hope so. DH is on notice that a command performance will be expected for several nights.

And there's one other thing I noticed this weekend. When the dream of the babies was so strong, one of the strongest reasons was my mental image of a big gathering at my house - noisy and joyful and loving and warm. And me being able to feed everybody. This is just my icon of home. As I've tried to put distance between myself and the need for children, I've thought about that less, but it's reflective of something embedded in my personality, and will never not be important. This weekend, I got to have that. I had a houseful of people who needed at least some feeding and care. Everybody was noisy and happy (hopefully not TOO noisy - I feel bad for our neighbors). Our buddies we spent the weekend with are an assortment - some single folk, another IF couple, and an engaged couple. Nobody with kids could possibly have kept this schedule, obviously, and we didn't see anybody with kids the whole weekend long (that wasn't by design, it just happened). I don't think I can go on a lush entertaining kick for the next few decades, but it was really striking how much it meant to me to have everyone around. For once, I didn't stress entertaining, and the DH and I had a wonderful time.

Finally, in parting, I note that if I were a good blogger, I would post pictures of Gettysburg and Monticello. AND I WILL. But we'll start with this.


  1. don't worry, you're not the only blog-delinquent out there!

    entertaining is so exhausting, but so much fun at the same time! now that our renos are done some of our friends have been pushing us to have a party. i just want to curl into a ball and sleep after having to live with chaos for two months!

    i love having my friends around and i often wish for a larger home so i could have more people over. i just wish i could be a stress-free entertainer like you!

  2. Wow. What a weeekend. I am seriously exhausted just reading about it! But it sounds like you had a ton of fun. I'm glad that you were able to do so many things over the holiday weekend! :)

  3. Wow, you must be exhausted! Sounds like fun!

  4. That sounds like a fantastic weekend!
    I grew up in a big family, so lots of people and noise is right up my alley! One of my favorite daydreams is DH and I with our 4 or 5 kids around the dining room table, everyone talking over everyone else and cracking jokes...lovely pandemonium.
    We used to be the party house - back right after we were married we had a tiny one-bedroom apt in MD and our place was packed Friday and Saturday nights. Nothing was ever planned, people just showed up. I loved it! Cooking for everyone, serving drinks, setting up the music. Always loved being the hostess more than the guest, I guess.
    Now, our life is quieter. Our friends are just too spread out, and everyone has grown up stuff they need to do every weekend. As it is we don't really have any single friends, and soon we'll be the last childless ones. No fun there...
    Glad you had a great weekend :)

  5. Wow, what a weekend! But it sounds so great, and I love that you reflected on the fact that you couldn't have done it with kids. That is one of my coping mechanisms- to rejoice in the things we can do since we don't have kids!!

    I also love entertaining, so I can totally identify with the satisfaction you felt after having successfully hosted all those people for that long! Congratulations!! :) Now, time for a nap for you I think!

  6. you were busy, but it sounds like a great time. you make it sound so easy too - i would have been totally stressing over dinners, and you had it all together!

  7. Holy crap, that's an impressive amount of stuff crammed into one weekend!! I laughed at your disclaimer of "I'm not this popular," although I'm not entirely sure it's accurate. You have quite an active social calendar! :)

    Glad the endo pain is calming down, and hope you've been catching up on some sleep this week.