Tuesday, July 14, 2009

since you asked

Well, Shinejil asked. (A woman after my own heart!) Yes, there are some charming older architectural details in my house. It's *not* a flowers-and-lace Victorian from 1890. Those are my favorites - I swoon over octagonal rooms that pointlessly waste space - but they do it so beautifully! It is, however, historic, and it has a bit of fun stuff. Unfortunately, this is obscured to all but the most imaginative (or smitten) eye by the frankly unforgivable decor deployed by the current owners - and I am sparing you the worst of it, BTW.

But, it has a nice banister (seen here from an oblique angle), lovely old doors, and beautiful floors:

(BTW, I'd like to note that I do *not* consider that wallpaper unforgivable. I'm not sure my DH could live with it, but I absolutely could; it's old. Some of my larger problems with the decor will shortly be revealed.)

An original, unfinished attic (be still, my heart! Ah, memories of my childhood):

Here's where we get into the "mixed bag" territory - you see before you lots of windows around the door; pretty interior window trim; an upper window with an antique latch; and an original radiator. All good. But that carpet...look at that carpet. They carpeted the whole foyer. And the stairs. Given the age of the house, it will have hardwood underneath...but that carpet.

Anyway, I've shared, I'm signing off for now. If anyone recognizes these shots and is planning to buy this very house, please let me know so I can begin my grieving process now. For the group of nefarious lurkers who must be reading my blog just so they can ferret out the identities of my dream houses and buy them out from under me...good luck finding the house on the strength of these pictures. Thbbbpt.


  1. From those couple snapshots, it looks just adorable! I too love hardwood floors, attics (wow, that one is great), odd angles, and interesting doors :). And I've pulled up tons of carpet and refinished floors several times. It's really not that bad! And who knows - the hardwoods may be in pristine condition underneath.
    I hope noone buys it out from under you :).

  2. I love it! How lovely that so much of that nice wood is unpainted, the light fixtures look very cool, the carpet is a no-brainer in terms of removing it. It might even be a blessing in ugly disguise: those floors could be in far better shape for having been covered. Oooooh, I'm so excited for you!

    I could almost smell that peculiar, tarry wood attic smell. Good memories, indeed.

    So, are you seriously going to move on this one? It's a real beaut and looks like it's in decent shape...

  3. No, sorry, while lovely, the house would make for a very long communte into work. Unlike my husband, I can't work from home. Not that I'd buy it out from you anyway. You've staked your claim first.

    I adore old houses with their real wood trim and flooring and wooden doors. I love that they're constructed with actual brick and stone - no veneer. They may have wasted space, but they're works of art.

  4. Cute interior!! I guess you went to see it?!

    I left you an award on my blog! :)

  5. oooooooh. your pictures are beautiful! a woman after my own heart. i love old houses and old buildings. it bothers me so much when i see them torn down to build new.. we had an old ranch house in houston before we moved and i think leaving the house was the hardest part of the move! we ended up buying new here in austin, and there are some perks of new construction but no creaky wood floors, character or charm that comes with the old...

  6. ha! It's great. I love your warning to nefarious blog-lurkers. The ugly carpet is actually perfect, because that means it has been protecting the wooden floors underneath. So you can reveal all their glory!