Thursday, June 25, 2009

bits and pieces

I ADORED this commercial when it originally aired. The "centerpieces...mantelpieces..." was the most fun part by far.

A selection of small things have been wandering through my mind...

As of today, I can finally tell that my cold is really pretty much recovered and I only have a few symptoms that are hangers-on. But MY SNOT stretches four inches. (I found this out by accident, obviously.) This enrages me slightly.


Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night with cramps. Maybe 4AM. That never happens - they go after me about when I normally wake up, sometimes, but never wake me up at night. They were definitely menstrual cramps, but maybe only at 60% strength - I could actually have worked a whole day (if very unhappily) without medicine. But I assumed they would get worse, so I immediately took two Aleve. Then I went back to bed. Aleve usually takes half an hour to kick in - but I laid down for five minutes, and they went away. I didn't take any more Aleve, and they didn't come back all day. And my period didn't show up either. This tamoxifen business is weird...


I was really good and called my previous-previous OB/GYN to make sure they'd sent in my records, yesterday. They hadn't, and today I faxed in the consent, and they faxed the records to Tepeyac today! So Dr. L will have them on Monday. That's the last of my outstanding medical records!


Today, I was even better - I set an appointment with an endocrinologist. A nurse friend recommended a good one at the super-close-by hospital, but this woman is apparently in such high demand the first opening was in September. Ordinarily, I would have given up, but I made the appointment anyway and figured I could shop around for someone else if Dr. L thinks I should. But the scheduler said I should send in my lab results and if the deficiency is serious enough, they might fit me in earlier. So maybe that will work out!


I can't buy this house, but somebody ought to! It's not a 1910 Victorian that just makes my acceptable architecture cutoff, people. It was built in 1830. And it's gorgeous. And it has 15 acres. It's just too far away. Well, and I also couldn't afford it.


Yesterday, I got home early and decided to go to Mass, it being the feast of St. John the Baptist. But when I got to my neighborhood ethnic parish (where Mass is entirely in a language I don't speak), the church was PACKED. No room even in the back. I stood across the hall from the church itself, where I could still see everything. A wizened little grandmother - well over seventy and about 4'9" - who is always trying to get me to do things (get in line to put a rose in front of our Lady, for example - she'll see me, and gesture vehemently for me to put myself forward. I'm kind of an obvious ethnic outsider there), saw me and gestured I should go into the packed church. I smiled and shook my head. Obviously, she didn't speak any English. She went in. Phew. I already felt annoyed and uncomfortable, and decided I would probably go home in a few minutes. But a minute later, she was back. "I have a chair for you," she said in perfectly intelligible English. That just plain wasn't possible - there was barely standing room. I smiled and said, "That's all right, thanks," but she ignored me, and reached out and took me by the hand. I have to give her credit - the only form of persuasion I wasn't prepared to politely rebuff. She marched me down a tiny aisle; I had to hold my handbag to prevent it smacking the wall on one side and people on the other. She got me to "my chair" - in the middle of an aisle of people, packed in so tightly I couldn't see the empty chair at first. She didn't let go of my hand until she had actually gotten me into the aisle. It was so narrow I tripped twice on chairs and stepped on people. I don't know whether they were amused at me being led around by this doyenne of the group, or felt sorry for me, or were annoyed at being stepped on, or paid me no attention at all. But packed into the middle like a very white sardine, I couldn't go anywhere, and I stayed for the whole Mass.

Maybe somebody up there is looking out for me, after all.


  1. My sister and I used to take the metro to the only Latin mass in Seoul. It was hard to gauge whether the train would take 45 minutes or 20 minutes, so sometimes we were late. And we'd have a similar experience. Except the church was a tiny room where 50 or so people would pack in, and one of the old ajjoshi (men) would make a family (usually with kids) squoosh way over to let us sit with them, when we really would have prefered standing in the back. And yes, we would be the only whities there. Pretty uncomfortable sometimes, but we got over it. I gotta tell you - the rosary sounds pretty cool in Korean...

  2. Sounds like God wanted to make you comfortable! :)

  3. "But MY SNOT stretches four inches. (I found this out by accident, obviously.)"

    HA! HILARIOUS! I was laughing out loud!

    Personally, I think I would be tempted to hope for a snuggling-in-person after feeling those kinds of cramps....are you?

    What a cute story about going to church yesterday- is it usually so crowded?!

  4. Glad you're feeling better.

    Dang cramps! Good to hear they didn't linger for very long.

    Good luck with your appt and getting into see an RE possibly earlier than Sept!

    That house is gorgeous!

    LOL What a funny little old lady. How nice that she found you a seat. =)