Thursday, May 21, 2009

idling along

I had some other things I was going to post about, but I reminded myself I would be a good blogger and try to give a serious answer to a fair question (below). But I'm tuckered out by my own seriousness. So, I wanted to share. First of all, "infertilitees" comes so trippingly off the tongue that I'm sure someone else has thought of it and I've read it before. Actually, that's true. I've seen other bloggers post something similar. But I wanted to make my own contribution to the canon. Here's one; I have another I've done too that I'll post later.

(If you want to make one of your own, I find that for image capture purposes, at least, the best version to use is this one. As far as t-shirt quality - couldn't tell you.)

Also, I'm clearly losing the contest for the weirdest cycle this month. But no fertile phase after waaaay more days than it usually takes me to ovulate and then a rise in temperature (or, so it appears so far...verdict in a few more days) without having had a fertile phase, well, that's some strange stuff. At least for me it is. I'm starting to think my cycle will never come back, and then what will I do with this prescription for tamoxifen? That I still need to fill. Oops.

And then, let's see...there was a question about my friend with the impending second endo surgery: did Dr. Hi.lgers perform the first one? I thought yes, but DH says no. I would be mad about having more surgery so soon either way, but there you have it: don't know.

Rounding off this grab bag of notions, my baby sister (well, the 25yo) is visiting this weekend. She's in town for a conference. We've gone to see the Capitol but not the White House, so we'll do that, and I'll take her to Tridentine Mass on the Feast of the Ascension (which was today, but I digress), and go shopping, and she'll be coming with me to see my house (which I've mentioned before, I think. I've decided it must be mine. Except, I've never seen the inside. And I probably can't afford it). I talked to the realtor yesterday (for the first time) and asked to view it this weekend - surely, this was a guaranteed yes - and he said that he couldn't do that, but maybe in the ensuing week. Weird.

I told him I'd call him back another time when I was ready to see it - wanted to see it with my sister, so no dice for next week. Also, bad news: looks like the (elderly) owners are trying to sell all three "lots" (seriously, this is one decent-sized lot, whatever genius thinks it should be subdivided is cracked), for which they want over $1M. Half an acre with a falling-down house. It's not in Georgetown, BTW. This is just silly. But we're still going to go visit and skulk around the outside. And whatever other fun things we come up with to do.

I might not, however, keep up religiously on blogs. My sister doesn't know about the blogging; the only person who does is my DH, who respects my privacy here. I think anyone else would be too tempted to try to "find" me. (I feel safe from accidental finding - the only people looking would be other IFers, sooo...) I'm close to my sister, and I do trust her. But, she's my little sister. I don't lean on her. And I can't tell her that I'm just a wreck over this IF thing. I don't know why, I just know it wouldn't work. There's really no one in my family - other than my DH, no one in the world - on whom I really lean. I can't. They're just not...lean-able. I've known them my whole life.

That's sort of weird, huh?


  1. Not weird at all. Thought I love my family, I lean on my DH.

    Have a nice time skulking around with your sis.

  2. THanks for answering that question about dr. Hi.lgers and whether he did your friend's previous surg. From what I have heard..he's pretty good and most women don't get the endo back. My dr (who just did my lap surg) told me that I could get it back in a year. He said he always tries to get it all but there is always that chance unless I get pregnant. Hmmmm....hoping for a pregnancy. Blessings!

  3. Hope you and your sister have a great time

  4. Not wierd at all. I don't lean on family anymore for IF related issues. :)

    The amoxicillian is supposed to give your rocking mucus since Clomid dries me up like crazy! :)

  5. I know what you mean - my older sister is the only one I can really talk to because she has secondary IF. And she's been struggling for almost the exact same amount of time, so we're very close by now. I don't tell anyone that I blog though, because I don't want my family to hear me fall apart every day. And I don't want weirdos from "way back when" finding me.
    Which Tridentine mass do you go to - in DC?

  6. Exactly what lot size do they consider decent? A half acre is three lots? Two at most, but even that's tiny. And over $1 million. I know house prices are more down that way than they are here, but really . . . For that much I'd want a completely renovated five bedroom house with a minimum of 3.5 baths; an upstairs laundry room; a living room, dining room, and eat-in kitchen; tile and wood flooring throughout; and decent-size lot with incredible landscaping; and all the bells and whistles.

  7. I hope you have a great time with your sister!!

  8. People who are IF lean-able are rare IRL.

    That is weird: a realtor in this market who just doesn't feel like showing a house that some crazy people want a king's ransom for? Very strange. Makes you wonder what strange goings-on are afoot inside... :)

    I love your shirt.

  9. Two great posts.

    The problem I have had with leaning on people irl for fertility issues is that they always ended up getting pregnant sooner or later and they feel awkward around me. I've found it is better to spare everyone the weirdness. Praise Jesus for the internet. :)

  10. Most of my friends and acquaintances (and especially family members) don't know about my blog. I wouldn't mind if they found it but never told me they did. I'd rather not know. This is like a private journal for strangers..after all it's easier to share this stuff with strangers isn't it? I love the T-shirt by the way!

  11. I agree about not allowing family or friends into the IF world via the blogs. No one knows about my blog except my DH. It's better this way.

  12. I wish I hadn't have told our friends and family about my blog....