Monday, April 20, 2009


My tulips loved the sunshine on Saturday (I just got a sunburn, but I'm not a tulip). Also, the three yellow-and-red tulips I shared earlier are now yellow and white. I swear, my white daffodils started out as yellow too. Odd business. (The tulip below is a solid-colored one elsewhere in the yard.)

They don't so much like the rain. It rained much of today, and when I got home, they were closed up tight, almost as if they were making faces. Funny tulips.

But the rain isn't all bad. Although I am having trouble identifying them since they are about 1 1/2 inches tall and vulnerable to their soil being overtaken by the many neighboring weeds, I think that my corn and squash that I planted outside in March are both sprouting - two or three sprouts of each visible so far, if I've identified them correctly. Even though I planted them way too early and they were beset by the frost and cold!

If I can grow summer vegetables despite planting them from seed a month early and before the last, it still doesn't have any implications for being able to bear children. But, maybe it indicates something about my life being fruitful in some way. I can hope.


  1. I love a summer garden. I've been watching my onions and beets trying to sprout. The onions don't mind the late frosts, but I've had to replant the beats. Bummer. I hope you get a bumper crop this year. It's a great feeling when you can raise something from seed. It may not be a baby (alas), but it's life, and it's a joy to watch.

  2. Yay for sprouts!! Our lettuce, carotts, and onions are also sprouting!! I think even though these are spring veggies, we still planted a tad too early, so we're also encouraged that they are still hangin' with us. And Amen to being fruitful in *some* way!!

  3. Life always seems to find a way, just not necessarily the ways that we humans like to think of as best, right, good.

    Seeds are amazing! The toughest darned things. Keep us updated on the squash and corn's progress.

  4. Nice flowers! Looks like you have a green thumb. That must be nice. Everything I plant seems to die. I won't even tell you about my wretched tomato plants from last year...hidious.