Friday, March 13, 2015

Sad news

A friend of mine just learned she had an ectopic pregnancy.  She had emergency surgery this week; the baby's heartbeat had already stopped.  She lost a Fallopian tube.  She's in her first year of marriage; they had been hoping for a BFP any day, of course.

So, if you would say a prayer for them, that would be great.  And, I'm afraid with time I've gotten fuzzy on everyone's medical history.  But I know there are some bloggers who've had ectopic pregnancies.  Some of whom went on to deliver healthy babies, yes?  Someone remind me of who that is if you would be so kind.  I'd like to point her to an example of someone who has been through the experience.

(Not that everyone will have a child - you all know my views on that score - but then again you also know my views on the special gift whereby anyone I meet who doesn't already have a diagnosis of infertility when we meet is guaranteed to go in to have children.  No exceptions.)