Monday, July 7, 2014

more rugs outside my budget

This topic entertains me.  The RugsUSA sale is in its last day, by the way, for anyone shopping for a rug.  The sale only applies to items branded by RugsUSA - not the products of other companies that are also sold through the website.  (And there is no easy way to tell, except by looking at which ones are on sale!  They don't pay me to say this - I won't be buying one myself, since I don't really like the ones they've branded.  At least not for indoors.) 

So I moved on to eBay (because why not?).  That yielded similar results to Overstock - many interesting items outside of my price range.  Actually, let's back up.  The items over my ceiling on eBay cost less (although they are new) than the ones on Overstock, which is sort of good news.  And the average rug on eBay that was way outside my price range was much more attractive than the average rug on Overstock that was way outside my price range.  Note to self: if you ever have a significant rug-buying budget, check eBay first. 

Backing up further - why are 90% of the items on eBay now brand-new and sold by commercial sellers (not ladies who have a part-time business selling on eBay, I mean, but companies that also have brick-and-mortar stores)?  I'm confused that regular(-ish) retailers would think selling through eBay is useful, and frankly, as a (now rare) eBay shopper, it's just not what I'm looking for from that site.  Anyway. 

The price on this one is ridiculously good ($35):

But it convincingly looks like plastic even in what I assume is a flattering photograph.  It could only look worse in person.  And though I'm tempted to buy it on the basis of the price alone, I'm not 100% sure whether that color would suit the room. 

Then there's this one:

I really like that one (and I'm more optimistic about it looking right in the room), but at $170 it's just outside the budget.  By the way, that one is used.  I think it's the only used one I found in a suitable color.  I'm actually looking for used, OK, eBay?  Sheesh. 

OK, this one is a little more questionable on the color (might work but I'd have to see it in person), and at $86 for new and wool is not a bad buy:

So maybe.  I really like the colors in this one:

But it's $165.  It is used (so that's positive), but it is in Turkey.  And with free shipping, so I get why I'm not going to get a break on the underlying price.  I probably need something used and local.  This is not so far away, but of course it isn't used:

And therefore it's $106.  Which isn't terrible at all, but again, the colors might or might not work depending on how they read in person, so not worth throwing that kind of money at really. 

What's next?  Etsy? 

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