Thursday, May 22, 2014

the closet: finishing touches

I am now outside the deadline by even the most delusional measure, but I thought I would share my last little bits of things on the closet.  First of all, I did buy the super-fancy neo-Gothic lacquered iron clothes hook.  And I installed it! 

And I explained to my DH that it was for the clothes that have been worn once and are thus unsuited for either the dresser or the laundry bin, and he already started using it - I didn't even have to put some of his clothes on there myself or anything.  We'll see whether he likes it, but I really do hope this will stick.  Also, I don't know if you can tell, but there's a wee laughing face in the ironwork.  I think of it as a tiny gargoyle for my closet.  LOVE.  Less lovable, but perhaps still important:

I added the conduit over the small exposed run of Romex.  It's even more sloppy in real life than it appears in that picture, but without me shoving them aside, the coats cover it entirely.  So I consider that done.  You may also remember that my original plans called for figuring out something for the space between the closets on the green-bedroom side:

So, I moved the big armoire from our room (which had been housing suitcases, which are now at the bottom of the third-bedroom closet that my DH was previously using):

Also, I hung some things on that wall.  One of them is a framed scrap of the original wallpaper from inside the closet.  I guess maybe I could have taken a better shot of that.  Anyway, the armoire is the new linen closet:

I admit I liked my old linen closet better.  But I like being able to use that space for a master bedroom closet even better than that, so I am going to embrace the armoire-as-linen closet.  Because now this:

Looks like this:

And I am not throwing out that bag of unused shower curtain hooks because I have a brilliant plan for them, by the way.  Meanwhile, I moved the highboy that had been in the green bedroom into the armoire's old spot in our room - and also moved into our room a shorter dresser that had been in the peach bedroom, which I was using for my clothes:

So now all of our clothes (except my floor-length dresses, which are in the far corner of the green-bedroom closet, and really I don't have too many of those) are in our room.  It's a regular miracle, people. 

The end. 

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