Tuesday, March 4, 2014

chicken $h!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!t

On Sunday, realizing the temperature had started to drop (from a ridiculous high in the 50s) and the storm was on its way, we got out to spread some top soil mixed with chicken manure (I FOUND SOME!! In fact, I may have gotten the last two 25-pound bags in the county. It sounds like that's a lot more than I need, but after quite a bit of effort tracking some down, my view is that you can't have too much chicken $h!t), followed by a bunch of wood-chip mulch in hopes of deterring the weeds until the vegetables are ready to go in. Just as a cold rain started, we finished:

I haven't started my seeds yet (though all have arrived but the leeks and ranunculus), because my sunniest spot is on the enclosed porch, and despite all my insulation work, the porch is cold. It looks like it will be decently warm by next Saturday, so I plan to start them then.   But of course it may immediately get cold again, in which case the seeds may have to live on a radiator.  It can be either bright or warm, OK, seeds?  Think about what your priorities are and get back to me. 

Also, I still do not have a fourth stove.  More on that shortly, of course.


  1. I'm thinking about starting a garden again this year...I think I'll have more time to attend to it. I like the raised bed idea....might be easier than having to dig, dig and dig.