Friday, January 24, 2014

One King's Lane told me a secret

That I have no intention of keeping. 

It said that it is now unveiling "Hunters Alley" (what is with this generation and its war on the apostrophe?  SAVE THE APOSTROPHE!!  It never did anything to you!).

This new site is a place where members of OKL may "shop and sell their past treasures."  (I'm not sure what "past treasures" means - you bought it at OKL and now you don't love it any more?  Or, you already owned it, and it is vintage?  Thus, a treasure...from the past?)  My secret-sharing email also states that the "listings . . . are lightly edited, so you see only the best."  That sounds like good sense to me - it wouldn't work with no editing; people would sell crazy stuff, and the carefully curated look of OKL would deteriorate.  (On the other hand, they're already farming it through a whole new site - evidently they're not too confident in the taste of the people who are buying what it is they're selling.  Heh.) 

This raises all sorts of questions that fascinate me.  First of all, apparently this new thing is in response to feedback from OKL users that a selling portal would be nice as well.  I have many thoughts about this.  One of them is - isn't that smart, for a Web 2.0 (3.0?) business - solicit feedback on how to be more relevant, and actually act on it!  Another is - I wonder whether this was users' polite way of phrasing the sentiment, "You would never in a million years buy at the markup at which you're selling, and I will never get back on resale 25% of what you're claiming is a 50%-marked-down price on antique and vintage items."  I have felt this sentiment very strongly, but could imagine no more polite way of phrasing it than "THIS IS A TOTAL RIP-OFF!" - so it never occurred to me to comment. 

Another of my thoughts (I have too many thoughts, I think.  Ooh!  Another!) is that this seems to compete with Etsy in a way that bodes ill for its success.  But maybe it will turn out to be a bit different from that. 

And my final thought is - well, won't it be interesting to hold this new site up as a yardstick to the old one.  "Heeeeey...when Emily Henderson buys a vintage chair for $50 and then re-upholsters it for $500, you sell it for $1000.  But when I find a vintage chair for $50 and reupholster it or the original upholstery is in good condition, I can only sell it for $95.  Something is odd here..."  Even more interesting would be if you bought a "vintage" piece and then turned it around and tried to resell it a month later without further wear.  I'm just going to put my prediction out there: twenty cents on the dollar, tops. 

I'm just a teeny bit tempted to offer some of the things I have that are the twin of stuff I've seen them offer for, oh, twenty times what I paid.  Like my camphorwood campaign chest, mismatched vintage china, vintage copper would be interesting.  But I have my stuff because I like it (and some of it's even family stuff), and I'm pleased with the bargains I got.  Unless I need to divest a lot of stuff all of a sudden, I'm not selling.  Just curious to know what would happen if I tried, you know? 

What do you think?  Any OKL shoppers out there who might turn into OKL sellers?  Or people who would suddenly develop interest now that this has been launched? 

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  1. I am so uncool that I don't really know what One King's Lane is ;-) But given that you are in-the-know, I'm going to guess that it's a really neat home furnishings place?