Friday, November 1, 2013

undead decor

I have made my thoughts on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint clear - or so I thought.  But the Holocaust continues.  I have not done enough. 

The other day, I saw this fine specimen on craigslist:

It was $20.  I expect low prices for very-70s furniture, with or without a (very necessary) coat of paint slapped on.  So, $50 would be the cap for a reasonable price for this sort of thing, I think.  $20 is therefore a bargain.  It was posted yesterday, and I contacted the seller yesterday.  (I need something to sit under the antique cabinet in my laundry room...I think I've explained.  Anyway.)  Someone had already claimed it.  Hey, fair is fair - it's a great price, and that's a piece you can do a lot with.  I'm not complaining. 


Unless it was purchased by some idiot who thinks that if only it were duck egg blue, and then finished with dark wax, then it would be a precious heirloom worth $300

I comfort myself with the knowledge that these people cannot possibly be selling all of their wares at their ludicrous prices; but even the fact that they are trying is enough to irk me greatly.  And if that's what happened to this buffet (a bargain that I would have appreciated, and used in my home - rather than as the basis for a preposterous profit margin), then I am cranky indeed. 

And remember when I went on about how they tell you in their craigslist ad exactly what colors they used, and what type of wax, and that they specifically used the Annie Sloan brand of chalk paint, because surely your assessment of its beauty and usefulness is not dependent on how it looks or works, but on the materials they used to get it to that stage - remember that?  Of course you do. 

So, just to show you that you should never doubt me - this was advertised on October 26:

For $295.  Of course I'm not kidding.  Don't take my word for it - see for yourself

But then, on October 31, it was advertised again.  Here it is, five days later:

And the seller explains...

It's "[h]and-painted in linen and off-white colors then finished with dark wax for an aged look." 

What did I tell you about the dark wax???? 

Oh, by the way.  With a second color (and the dark wax!), it's $350.  I wouldn't believe me, either - you really need to see for yourself

This thing has to die out before it takes over all the furniture.  But it seems really difficult to kill.  Maybe it's one of those white-ash-stake-through-the-heart, skull-stuffed-with-garlic, buried-in-a-spot-where-the-moon-never-shines sorts of things.  I'm willing to do whatever it takes. 


  1. Can I also point out that there are obvious brush strokes in the close-up of the drawer? So, hand painted by someone who didn't even understand that you're supposed to sand in between each coat of paint. Amateur.

  2. Doesn't it just make you laugh? For years this ugly 70s stuff couldn't be given away for free and all of a sudden its in high demand. And the condition that some of these pieces are in! I have to admit, and Im a traditionalist when it comes to furniture, I don't appreciate this plywood thin crap that's for sale these days, when painted a solid colour, the detail is amazing-perhaps not an entire bedroom suite, but a triple dresser in off white, or eggplant could be rather smashing. I guess I like that era because I feel it was the last decade where furniture was solidly made- it had character and still had a little style, tho Mediterranean by not have been our taste, it was quite the rage when I was a teenager. Hope you find what youre looking for, at a price you want to pay- my hope for all of us-Cheers