Monday, October 14, 2013


It's not just fancy-pants antiques you can find on craigslist.  Nor even Ikea furniture.  It gets more prosaic than that.  For example:




The question is, how much stone do I really want?  And how much should I be willing to pay for it?  Any insight on these points would be much appreciated.  

See, I've finished the demolition of the horrible vinyl siding on the covered porch: 

See that little smidge at the left?  That's really obviously a covered porch?  It had vinyl siding on it (in the above photo), which was a lighter color than the rest of the (newly-painted) (unlovable asbestos) siding, and that I couldn't paint.  It's gone.  I ripped it all off and the stuff under it and found the original wood construction on the porch that I thought was pretty cool and I restored it (chemically treated some rotted wood and replaced some, replaced missing trim, added more trim to help rain run off it, scraped, caulked, and painted.  Sanding would also have been a good step, as it turns out - too bad I didn't think of that).  Someday I may even have a picture of that.  

I also built and installed a gate (pictures and how-to in November), installed half the wire fencing (will probably finish tomorrow), decided not to fence the front yard, trimmed the front hedges and some of the back, planted roses and daffodils (two more rose bushes to plant), and, I don't know, some other stuff.  And covering the asphalt area in front of the carriage house with either stamped concrete or flagstone (or anything I can find that's actually cheap, in fact) was supposed to be a project for next summer, but then I thought that maybe there would be some great deals on stone, seeing as it's an outdoor kind of product, and now it's fall, so it should be on clearance.  And/or homeowners who bought some to use this summer should be getting rid of extra.  But I guess stone has a really long shelf life.  The internet says that everything can be got on clearance some time, but even on those rare occasions I am really thoughtful and really clever about what season it is, I don't seem to be able to figure it out.  I could barely even find any outdoor-fabric toss pillows on clearance (seriously.  That should be super-easy, right?).  

I think I'm pretty good at craigslist (except maybe where stone is concerned.  Well, I did OK on marble.  More on that later), but clearly, there still is much to learn.  

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