Tuesday, October 15, 2013

it is time

I promised myself that I would wait until October 15th to buy pumpkins for carving.  I always get too excited and buy them way too early and then by Hallowe'en they rot or squirrels eat them.  So I was good.  And then today I was at Home Depot (I have been limiting my trips, since I seem to spend $100 every time I drive past the place.  But this time I was GOOD, and I RETURNED $90 in materials I hadn't needed.  And I only got $30.95 worth of other things!).  And they have pumpkins for $4 - less than the grocery store.  AND I FORGOT TO GET PUMPKINS.  

Apparently I'm not very good at taking my own advice.  These are just $.15 a pound: 

And there's hay: 

And decorations: 

And fake pumpkins:

And other cool fall stuff: 

And coffins (!): 

And tasty treats: 

And decor for people who take things too far (if I tell my neighbors about these, they will buy them.  Naturally, I won't be bringing it up): 

And things I am at a loss to explain: 

I read that as "future pumpkin and bacon bisque."  No?  

Check out what seasonal surprises await at your local craigslist!  (I so sound like I'm being paid to say this, but, as you know, I'm not.  Craigslist doesn't do endorsements.  It's so cool it doesn't need them.)  

So...what are you going to be for Hallowe'en?  The DH and I are trying to come up with a good joint costume idea, and we're kinda stumped.  There must be something brilliant we just haven't thought of...

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  1. I have always disliked Halloween because I scare easy. I do want to participate in sometihing this year, so we will be handing out candy for the first time and I will be making my traditional soul cake cookies for all saints day. We may also carve some pumpkins because that sounds like a ton of fun :)