Monday, October 28, 2013

I win craigslist

So I realize that I did not do my post on Friday.  Or Saturday.  Or Sunday.  And I can't exactly claim that I was super-busy those days (OK, I spent most of Saturday shopping, and most of Sunday chaperoning 13 high schoolers through Six Flags's "fright night" feature, complete with, of course zombies.  My impression of Six Flags in ten words or less: I am never going there again.  And I spent most of Friday cleaning the carriage house, which you can now walk into without needing a tetanus shot.  I am awesome). 

The real problem is that on Friday - in the waning hours of daylight, remembering my commitment to the foolhardy folks reading these posts and trying to capture the items in decent lighting - I took pictures of everything I needed for not one but two craigslist posts.  For the first one, everything but the pictures has been done for quite some time.  So I was going to get Friday's and Saturday's done on Friday.  But when I went to send the pictures from my phone (actually my friend's phone, because he is kindly fixing my phone, which I dropped - again.  I would have used the real camera, but when I picked it up, I realized the battery was dead), the phone ate them.  So then I basically pouted for three days.  That seems totally reasonable.  I will post all this eventually, and I think I will end up with 31 days of craigslist one way or another (even if some of those days are actually in November).  And I was doing so well! 


That's not really the point.  The point is - remember this item? 

Right, and the seller wouldn't call me back.  And you remember my unfinished bathroom? 

With the really ugly light? 

Well.  You recognize this room?

That's a smidge of my sink and my toilet (you can almost even see the white toilet seat!), and the awesome antique mirror I got for $10 at the antique barn outside Harrisburg, and yes, I have a wooden duck to hold my toilet paper.  A friend got it for me at a grocery store on at trip through West Virginia, because, well, obviously.  And after we moved to this house and it sat in a bin for a while, I realized we didn't have a toilet paper holder for the bathroom, and then I thought, "Oh, of course we do."  It's been very happy there.  And I'm thinking that you might recognize the light above the mirror.  It does have gold detailing, like the ugly light, but it isn't the ugly light.  SEE:

See my excellent photography skills?  And, yes, there is a reason I chose to take the pictures from that loony angle:

(By the way, I'd like to point out here that I think these finishes go together beautifully.) 

See...originally the sink and the light were further to the left (and, when we moved in, there was still a screw to hang the mirror, but no mirror).  Then the room had to be largely gutted because of water damage to everything down to the joists.  When the plumbers replaced the sink (well, they got me another vintage sink, after throwing out my vintage sink because they figured I wouldn't want it.  Sigh), I guess they thought it wasn't great to have it so close to the pipe (see picture above), and cut the beadboard to pass the water lines through about 8" to the right of where they (and the sink) had originally been.  They didn't think about the fact that the light was now centered 8" to the left of the sink.  (As I may have mentioned before, they were very good plumbers, but I wouldn't hire them as interior decorators.) 

Anyway, so I centered the mirror over the new sink location.  And then when I replaced the light (yesterday), I centered that with the new positions, even though that left the junction box uncovered, as shown above.  (I thought about cutting a new hole in the wall and moving the junction box, but that seemed like too much trouble.)  I think the problem should be taken care of by putting a nice blank wall plate over the junction box, and then attaching an identical wall plate on the other side of the light (even though there's no junction box there for it to cover, it will look symmetrical that way).  This one might work:

If I'm lucky, the curve might even follow the circular shape of the back of the sconce.  I could paint them white, to stand out, or "Mackinac Island Grand Hotel Blue," to match the walls.  Thoughts?  Or, I could get brass plates to match the tone of the light fixture.  I like the color on this one, but I think the design on this one would go better. 

Oh and, YES, I wired it correctly:


I guess a $30 sconce isn't the biggest score in the history of craigslist, but I consider this a significant victory.  Two wall plates from now, my powder room will be FINISHED!!!!!!!

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