Thursday, October 24, 2013

I tried

The title relates to both the date and the content of this post.  I was all set to post this last night at about 11:35.  But my evil phone wouldn't cooperate.  (Something about blogger not being supported by its operating system - !!!)  I will be posting two posts today, though.  There will be 31 days, one way or another. 

Anyway, you may have noticed that this whole month while I have been discussing craigslist - the bargain-priced, the misspelled, and the magical - I have not mentioned any actual purchases.  I'll get to the many splendorous things I've purchased on craigslist that have made me such a fan (and, yes, I know I'm running out of daylight + October in which to do so), but have I actually bought anything in October, while I'm going on about how awesome craigslist is? 

Well, the short version is - I did try.  Specifically, with this:

See, I've been trying to finish my powder room.  I have a number of rooms that got to mostly finished and then I stopped.  In the case of the powder room, I got reasonably far:

I even replaceed that toilet seat with a white wooden one, and found a cool antique mirror for over the sink (for $10 at my favorite antique barn in Pennsylvania!).  The one thing I really had to do was replace this:

And, yeah, I shared where I was on that ages ago.  And that light is still there.  Except maybe now one of the bulbs is burned out.  At the time my plan was to use this:

That was not a good plan.  So it's for the best that I failed to execute it.  Then I got a very, very cool antique gas lamp from my mother-in-law.  I don't have a picture of it.  However, it looks like this:

And I mean, exactly like this (except that the brass bell and black tube here are both the same material on mine - a sort of hammered gold-toned material that matches the frame on my mirror really nicely).  These were obviously made by the same manufacturer.  That is not in any way relevant, of course. 

What is relevant is that a couple of years ago, when I got this lamp, I thought it looked awesome, and would be great to add a light kit to and turn into a wall sconce over my powder room mirror.  I figured the big bell on the bottom was where the light came out of, and that the dingy-looking, slightly-curved bottom surface (which you can't see in this picture) was glass, and I would cut it out, and then put a light bulb into it and feed the wire through the tube at the top.  Then it failed to cut with glass cutters, and I also couldn't break (nor even dent) it with a rock.  I retired the project to the drawing board. 

A few days ago it occurred to me that this project had now spent over a year on the drawing board, and I had failed to take the simple step of figuring out why the heck that base material wouldn't break.  So I did some reading, and found out the obvious: a gas light would not be encased in glass (or anything else), because if it were, it would rapidly go out from lack of oxygen. 


That bell is actually there to contain the oil or gas or whatever the fuel is for the lamp.  So, it's a good thing you can't break it with a rock.  This information in my possession, I re-examined the piece and realized there is really nowhere I can put a wire through it, and even if I could, I'd be featuring the part I think would be less attractive as a sconce.  A new plan is needed.  (Also, a new destiny for the gas lamp.  I am taking suggestions.  Suggestions other than putting new fuel in it and lighting it up, that is.  I already have a vintage oil lamp, which is extremely simple in its mechanics.  This one is complicated and slightly corroded and I am not willing to set it on fire.) 

Then I found the item I mentioned, on craigslist:

In one of them there ads that says, "Don't email me!"  Have I mentioned that I don't like those?  I want to email people.  I like the internet.  That's where I found you.  So I called the number provided.  (Well, one of them.  Arguably I should now call the other one.)  No one has called me back, and it's been 24 hours.  I am displeased. 

It would look really good in my powder room, wouldn't it???  

Don't say no to make me feel better.  That would not make me feel better.  I'm just going to have to be cranky for a bit. 

You know what would make me feel better?  YOUR stories of the one on craigslist that got away.  (AND I DO NOT MEAN HUMANS.  If you solicited someone for favors on craigslist and he, she, or they failed to respond as you had hoped, I do not want to hear about it - not even in Mandarin with helpful hyperlinks - so don't tell me.) 

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