Friday, October 11, 2013

don't take my word for it

For the record, I am not the only person who's crazy for craigslist.  These other bloggers (with serious followings!) are drinking the Kool-Aid, too - and loving it.

Victoria has bought a number of insanely awesome things on craigslist.  Just one example:

Read all about it here.

The Nester recently bought this totally insane stove:

She explains her amazing discovery here.

Betsy Speert, retired interior designer and now redoer of furniture (among other things), has used craigslist to find pieces to work on.  Such as this one:

Get a load of her transformation of it here.

The Centsational Girl has also found pieces on craigslist to remake.  Can you believe this cost just $20?

She tells the tale of its refinishing here and here.

The Thrifty Decor Chick professes her undying love for craigslist, after buying this piece:

Erin of Design Crisis also makes a profession of love, along with a selection of finds on her local site (sadly, most of the links are now dead) for those who have the avant garde taste.

Emily Henderson, of HGTV Design Star fame, likewise shares high-style pieces she finds perusing craigslist sites around the country, such as this selection from Atlanta.  (And she, too, uses craigslist to find pieces to refinish for her design work.)

And Naomi has found tons of awesome stuff on craigslist, most recently these high-personality pieces for a client project:

Obviously this is but a drop in the ocean of bloggers' craigslist finds you could locate with a simple google search.  In fact - these are just the finds of people I read daily :).

I'd be delighted to hear about awesome things other people have found, too!  Isaiah, I am looking out for a picture of that piano...

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