Sunday, October 6, 2013

craigslist, Sunday edition

Your friendly local online classifieds engine doesn't confine itself to the secular, ladies and gentlemen.  Check this out:

I actually contacted the seller about this one a while back.  I don't remember the exact price, but let's say $Lots.  But this thing is not small.  And if I recall, the seller has another Marian statue that's even lovelier.  If I win a small lottery prize some day, I am headed straight there.  Of course, I might have to head here instead:

The seller has two, for $1100 each.  I assume it goes without saying that I want them.  However, this is more an example of craigslist offering something you won't find anywhere else, as opposed to something at a bargain price.  By contrast, however:

This Infant of Prague is just $40.  If I didn't already have three (none in silk, though!) I might have to track that down.  Here's a reminder I could use more regularly:

For just $20.  And I have a blank spot on my gallery wall with the gold frames...hmm.  This box is free:

Apparently contains "miscellaneous religious books," including Methodist and Catholic bibles.  Didn't even know Methodists had their own bible!  The things you learn on craigslist, I tell ya.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

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  1. I am enjoying your Craigslist posts. My hubby is not too keen on buying used. Before we bought a new dining set I showed him what is available on Craigslist over a month time, non of it he was interested in and I finally gave up.. I am bit nervous about going to strangers houses to look/pick up furniture but could gather the courage for the right piece :). Thanks for the posts.