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craigslist the prosaic, part 4: the bedroom

(4) A Los Angeles-area blogger named Kat is looking to redo her bedroom.  She has a mattress/box spring and a low dresser with a mahogany finish, but is looking to furnish the rest of the room on a $200 budget in a traditional style.  What can you offer her?

"Traditional" can, of course, mean a great many things.  It's often used to describe contemporary pieces inspired by (but not a reproduction of) the style lines of yesteryear - but not too ornamented. And of course, to antique nuts, it means straight-up antiques.  We shall attempt to negotiate a middle road.  Here are some possibilities for a bed frame: 

Sleigh beds (not to be confused with slay beds) have become popular in the last decade or so, but are modeled after an older style.  This one looks to be in good condition.  It's queen-sized and $50. Evidently it needs a small repair (might ask the seller for more details). (And there's also this one.)  Then there's this possibility: 

As advertised, this $25 item appears to be an antique.  
A solo headboard can work with an inexpensive metal bed frame like this, which you can also find at most thrift stores.  A couple of bolts from the hardware store and a power drill will attach the wooden headboard to the bed frame, if their fittings don't already match.  And it could possibly use a little more TLC - maybe a furniture wax pen or a wood stain marker to match the areas of missing wood on the post to the rest of the frame.  It fits a full/double bed (I don't know what size Kat's mattress is).  

This $25 metal queen-sized canopy bed frame is probably of contemporary manufacture, but inspired by the iron frames of yesteryear: 

Apparently, it can be assembled either with or without the canopy part.  

The room has at least one dresser; it's not clear whether it needs (or could accommodate) more.  Kat has stated, however, that she will need new night stands.  This pair (for $30) might match the dresser she already has: 

(I note that one is missing a drawer pull, but replacements are not difficult to find.)  And here's a slightly more rustic pair: 

Looks like $55 for the pair, if I'm deciphering the ad correctly.  Of course, it's not necessary that the night stands should match.  For example, one could use this one in black (for $45)

Along with this one in black (for $50) to offer one side a bit more storage: 

Or push the non-matching envelope even further, and include a bit more antique sensibility and (dare I say) more personality and style, with this semi-antique night stand for $35 (that may match the existing dresser)

Paired with this chinoiserie beauty, also for $35

And then, of course, we need some sort of accent seating.  No seating is allowed in my bedroom because someone who shall remain nameless (NOT ME.  And Bailey doesn't wear clothes) would cover it with laundry.  But since this isn't my room, I can pretend that only immaculately neat people live here.  This is apparently upholstered in faux fur, which is so preposterous as to be awesome: 

Right??  It's $30.  A fainting couch would also be a solid direction for bedroom seating.  For example: 

The lines of the traditional style have here been modernized, giving an air of almost sneeering insouciancy.  A strong piece, in a strong color.  No idea why it's just $15.  Also from the "old idea, modern lines" file: 

That one is $50, and a decidedly more subdued color (which the seller describes as "chocolate."  The photo reads more taupe, to me).  And finally, this comfy-looking piece is a lovely blue velvet: 

In fact, it looks like a rocker.  It's also $50.  

And, of course, to add color, warmth, and personality to the room, one wants textiles.  Without seeing the windows and so forth it's difficult to recommend curtains, but certainly we can venture into the area of rugs (ha).  If the room is very large, or the homeowners would like a rug that spans the entire space (including under the bed), this $50 9 x 12 rug might be nice

It's sophisticated but subdued.  Of course, one need not necessarily be subdued - especially with dark-stained furniture of restrained traditional lines.  One could rather keep to a traditional style but also embrace a dose of personality: 

This 8 x 11 rug is $35.  As is visible in the center front, it has a small area of damage, but I would try to fit that part of it under the bed or another piece of furniture.  Perfect bedroom rug, I would say, and can't beat the price.  Another option would be to use two smaller rugs, one on either side of the bed.  For example: 

This one is $45 and a little smaller than 3 x 5.  And the one below (apparently from the same seller) is the same price and a similar size:

The same seller also offers two others.  

Depending on the pieces chosen, there might be a smidge more room in the budget, which I would recommend spending on lighting (well, if window treatments or saving for the next project aren't higher on the priority list).  These sconces are just $8 each

They have, of course, a bit of modern minimalism, but, again, are simply a version of an older style.  Bedside sconces offer the advantage of freeing the night stand for other items.  And the opportunity for a bonus lesson in wiring!  (Always shut off the circuit first.)  Of course, lamps are always an option, too: 

I won't attempt to defend those shades, but the bases have elephants, and if that doesn't say it all, I don't know what does.  They appear to be $40 for the pair.  Birds are not nearly as good as elephants: 

And that's $40 for just one.  Though it does have a normal shade.  Arguably, however, dragons beat everything: 

The dragon lamp is $25 (definitely worth opening the link for the close-up).  It could go with a brass-toned non-dragon lamp, such as this one: 

That's $30.  And I'm guessing that's not a photo of the actual item.  A traditional-style ceiling fixture is also a good option.  This one, for example, is $20

And there you have it.  Bedroom options from the LA craigslist.  

Stay tuned for shopping tips tomorrow!  And feel free to send more suggestions (craigslist locations, or rooms to furnish, or both)!  

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  1. Thanks for this! You gave me a great idea to paint the mid century night stands we already have, black! When I saw the one above I loved it and ours are the same color as our hardwood floors, a honey color, painting them black would break up the space a bit and add a pop. My DH needs some convincing though if I can't paint the ones we already have I want the simple wood ones for $55 from above and I will paint those black. I think we are looking more for just a headboard we may look into upholstering one ourselves. I like the antique headboard above but we have a queen size bed. Btw that dragon lamp is all kinds of awesome!