Wednesday, October 30, 2013

craigslist built my kitchen

I know I went into exhaustive detail about building and/or restoring my kitchen cabinets.  If you recall, I started here:

This monstrosity was $100 from craigslist.  And then there was a great metamorphosis, and here we are today:

As with the rest of my house photos, I showed you how close I feel to all of you by not cleaning anything up before I took the pictures.  Of course the day after I took them I carved all the pumpkins and cleaned the whole kitchen.  Obviously.  At the right edge of this picture, above the stove-hood-cabinet, you can just see the cabinet for which I used the third door from the original piece.  I explained all that here.  Oh, and below the big cabinet and the pot rack and the butcher block that the pumpkins are sitting on are these two cabinets:

Obviously, they are not antique.  But I needed cabinets.  They were $20 (for both) on craigslist.  I painted and varnished them (AND THEY DO NOT LOOK LIKE THAT COLOR IN REAL LIFE).  But that's not all.  I also bought a big square of marble (removed from a furrier's in 1917) for $35, which became the top of my work table and the wee counter under my tea/coffee cabinet:

That Lebanese cookbook seems excellent so far - I got it from the library.  The solar lights (in the little box) are from Amazon.  They don't work at all - completely defective, right out of the box.  Don't buy them.  Moving on...

This is my cabinet that I got for $50 that I'm now convinced is some fabulous early-nineteenth-century antique.  Or not.  I like it either way.  what I do not like is this picture.  It took me a while to get the area above the cabinet laid out just right, and now I'm really happy with it, but everything in this picture (especially the lighting and the color) looks like garbage; you'll have to take my word for it that it doesn't look like that in real life.  Oh yeah, also:

My vintage sink was $150 on craigslist.  Installing it was a labor of love (and sometimes cursing). 

My kitchen is only about 10 x 10, and with all the doors and windows, it hasn't got much counter space, even for a kitchen of that size.  (And I would never remove my fabulous radiator and put in some sort of stupid under-cabinet heating.  Though I should probably paint the radiator at some point.)  And I only have one sink (horreur!) and no garbage disposal (working on that) and my stove is right next to the sink, which everyone everywhere tells you is a cardinal sin of kitchen design (and which was not my intention, but the sink was fairly wide, and that's where the hood was already attached, so I went with it) - as a result of which I know something that I suspect most home cooks don't know: if your sink is immediately next to your stove, filling and emptying pasta pots is nearly effortless, and you can hand-wash dishes and make sauce or custard or scramble eggs or sautee onions at the same time.  Try that in a 400SF kitchen some time.  I have not yet experienced any downsides of this arrangement.  (I have a 15" countertop on the other side of the stove in case I need to set things somewhere.)  In other words - this kitchen is wee, and was built by a combination of craigslist and Ikea and Amazon and Home Depot and thrift stores and my own crafty little paws.  And I feed lots of people and everyone always hangs out in here (that whole "kitchen is the hub of the home" thing doesn't only or even mostly apply to kitchens the size of airplane hangars where no one but the help ever cooks) and it's perfect for us and I love it. 

So thank you, craigslist. 


  1. I love your kitchen. Cute and warm.

    1. Thank you!! That's so nice of you to say :).

  2. You are just too good at decorating....and finding the things you need on C.L....I just don't have the patience or the time.