Sunday, October 13, 2013

and another thing

This month is, I assure you, focused on my love for craigslist.  But I've always been of the view that loving something does not mean being blind to its flaws.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  And craigslist manages to annoy me mightily on a regular basis.

Here's one more way: people who advertise that they are selling a "custom" sofa (or other article).  Oh, really?  So, when you went to the showroom, you ordered the 80" version instead of the 90" version, so it would fit better in your living room?  And you picked out the duckcloth with the stainguard finish, in the medium tan, because it matched your drapes?  And therefore you paid more?  Good for you.  But it will no longer be hanging out in your living room with your drapes, apparently.  So, please type the following: "80-inch tan sofa with stain guard."  'Cause I really don't care how it got to be the way it is.  It is...what it is.  Oh, yeah, and: if you paid 25% more to get to pick out all your own finishes, guess what your buyer won't be doing?  Paying 25% more.  Because he doesn't get to pick out nothin'.  That sofa isn't even new now.  You're selling your used furniture.  Do you understand what's going on here?  

Go ahead and say that it's "custom" if you are offering to finish it to the buyer's specifications.  Otherwise, "custom"?  Really?  Are you high?

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