Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I did more stuff

This weekend there was a lovely wedding, and we had some friends in town.  Nevertheless, I got some things done (in fact, one visiting friend helped to remove the lilac that was too big for me to dig out, though my DH would like to point out that he did most of the work).  In addition to that, I did a few small jobs on The Neverending Porch, which is now almost ended, which means I will genuinely be devoting energy to addressing the many (many) issues in our yard. 

So, first of all, I needed to caulk:

(That is blue painter's tape along the edge there, so I don't make a mess of the floor with the caulk.)  And I did caulk:

I will note in the interest of full disclosure that I have still not fixed the exterior threshold:

But I will get there.  I've bought the metal thing to go over it; I just have to figure out how to wedge it in there, and then I can cut an angled edge in some stock to add in there too.

As you will remember, I also needed to address the issue of the Mad Mat.  You will (I assume) be happy to know that I concurred with the judgment of most: the Mad Mat will be going back.  This decision was clinched when the bench showed up and turned out to be several inches wider than the seller said it was.  Therefore, it does not tuck in neatly under the table.  Rather, it must sit against the opposite wall:

And, yes, you people who observed that it might be crowded with a bench in there too are extremely clever.  It would have been fine if the bench had fit under the table as I had envisioned.  (Which probably means that there will eventually be another bench, and this one will go to the front porch.  Which isn't a total waste because that porch could use some decoration, and $15 is still a good price for a bench.  Even though the incorrect measurements mean that it's very hard to find a cushion for the bench and I went to five stores and returned three sets of cushions and finally ordered something online that looks...exactly like the item I showed from Target. Except that it's about three inches wider.)  But you can still get through there, so for now I am fine with this.

Let's talk about how the facing wall turned out:

I think the green color for the chairs turned out nicely, and I think the pillows go well, too.  Oh, and yes, the table runner had to go.  Not sure what's going to happen up there yet, except that I definitely need to put another coat of wax on that table. 

This may give you a better idea of the whole room:

Oh, here's what's next to the second green chair:

It's actually a little electric stove.  I had had my eye on them on Amazon, and then I found one for a great price in my favorite second-hand store.  Yes, please!  (And, yes, originally I was thinking it would sit a little less close to other pieces so it would have more room to be admired, but I think it will work.  I can, and inevitably will, keep tweaking.) 

Here's just the table and chairs at the end.  I think this part in particular turned out really well.  Did I mention that that's an indoor lemon tree in the pot behind it?  I re-potted it so it would grow taller.  I see no evidence of that so far, and I fear that it isn't getting enough sunlight.  On the other hand, it had to spend several days in a shipping box, and I see no signs of ill health.  So, maybe I need to be patient.  Here is a look from the other end:

I know this is a great lot of redundant photographs, but when I look at other people's projects, I always think, "Wait, where are these things in relation to one another?  STOP SHOWING ME 'VIGNETTES.'  I don't care how one quarter of your tabletop looks.  I want to know where you PUT the stupid table!"  Anyway, I think this picture relatively accurately captures the intensity of the blue, yellow, and green we've got going on.  And also the hanging baskets:

That have thus far betrayed NO evidence of sprouting.  I suspected that my instincts on the subject of watering were off, and therefore this season I have set myself a strict rule: for indoor plants (and for outdoor ones, until the heat wave strikes), I am only allowed to water on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  And I constantly find myself wanting to water on other days.  Apparently, when I get impatient about the slow growth of flora, I drown them.  Oops.  (Although if these bulbs haven't come up by mid-May, I am going to drown them on purpose.)  Speaking of flora that haven't sprouted:

A window box was definitely in order.  It has been planted with sweet alyssum, which allegedly are long-blooming, can deal with part shade, and are fragrant.  We shall see.  I am still on the lookout for a pair of salvaged shutters I can add to that window, not because they are necessary, but because I think they would be charming.

I guess that means next weekend I have to start leveling pavers.  


  1. Your before and afters always astound me! It looks amazing!!

  2. You did an incredible job. I am so impressed!

  3. wow, i LOVE this porch!! you are doing an awesome job making your house your home. i also appreciate all the perspective shots- the more, the better of your great work!!!

  4. I am super impressed and I love this porch!

  5. I was a little meh on the last post, but someone else had also pointed out that the rug was too much and I didn't have anything else to add. This simpler look is gorgeous!

  6. In case the comment doesn't post (there is no awaiting approval message) LOVE, love, LOVE the simpler porch.

  7. Pretty awesome!!! Beautiful porch! I just love how you selected certain item- and it all comes out fabulous!

  8. GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE the blue, yellow & green! You have excellent taste in color & decor!
    And no, you don't have too many photos. Enjoy your beautiful porch!!!