Friday, April 19, 2013

and more things

Let's see...I think we left off here:

And as you see, I'd been cutting away the white wall-board at the bottom.  I finished that:

There were all sorts of complications with those vertical posts, and the width of the horizontal parts, but I do not want to think about them anymore. I heroically framed around them:

Which took, approximately, forever. Then I fetched out some of this: 

And put it between the studs:
I marked the stud locations with painter's tape on the floor and top ledge, so I could attach the drywall:
With screws that you cannot see. (Well, you can see one, in the lower-right corner.) But trust me, they're in there - otherwise, the drywall would not be up there. Can you tell that the top ledge differs in width - it almost vanishes toward the corner? Let me assure you that the board I bought for this purpose does not vary in width. I don't know what I was supposed to do - a curved cut? As always, the area I'm working with was insane. I have come up with a brilliant solution: ignore it, and it will go away. Then I spackled over the screw holes:

I am a very competent spackler.  But, I am a very very poor drywall screwer-inner.  (And/or my drill bit was crap.  My screwing job got worse as the bit stripped, and I didn't notice till fairly late in the game.  Still my fault.)  And apparently I have lately lost my spackle-mixing skills and cannot regain them.  Once I ran out of my pre-mixed can, everything I missed dried within 120 seconds (I'm actually not exaggerating), and I sort of LUMPED it on the wall after that.  No amount of sanding will fix that, so it's a happy thing that I have nothing better for you than cell phone pictures.  Because you can't really see it here.  And then I put on one coat of paint:

Imagine what I'll be doing this weekend.  It could be ANYTHING! 

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  1. Um, I can barely convince myself to clean my floors on hands/knees as part of spring cleaning - and you installed dry wall? I'm super impressed - and it looks awesome!!!