Sunday, December 2, 2012


I got my first cell phone in the spring of 2004.  Back then contracts were one year, and I had that first phone until it completely died in the fall of 2007.  Then I decided that what I wanted was a really sturdy phone.  I got a black Motorola Razr - an awesome phone, made mostly of metal rather than plastic.  It's still working.  Even though I cracked the face in several places.

But I'd had it a long time, and I was very dissatisfied with the plan options at my long-time carrier (AT&T), and I finally made the plunge a week ago to switch.  My husband had signed up for his half of the new family plan a week previously (before that, we had individual plans.  I guess the eighth year of marriage is as good a time as any to go on a family plan!).  I had to wait because a friend had kindly agreed to give me a cell phone he no longer needed.

This adorable phone:

It has an 8MP camera (responsible for the improved resolution - if not photography skills - of a couple of the photos of my sink).  It's super-slim and adorable.  It has a touch-screen QWERTY keyboard (since I now have an unlimited texting plan, this is much nicer than my old-school keypad), and even though I didn't get a data plan, it connects to my wireless network at home.  I organized all the little icons, set the alarms, and spent hours copying over my contacts by hand.  It has good reception and call quality.  I made a comprehensive to-do list for my kitchen renovation and saved it to the phone.  It takes the same charger as my work phone, which is super-convenient.  I even found out that it will upload photos and other items straight to my work computer - which is so laden with security features it usually refuses to recognize unfamiliar devices.

On Friday, I dropped it out of the car without realizing it (it's very smooth - it slid right off my lap in the dark) and my husband ran it over as we were pulling away.  I had had it for one week.

It's going to take a long time for me to be OK with this.


  1. Oh, that blows! I gave my brother my older touchscreen (not smart phone) phone when my Hubby gave me a smart phone last year. Within a couple days, he had accidentally left it in his pocket and sent it through the wash :(. He wasn't a happy guy.
    If you just signed a new contract, you should qualify for plan pricing for a new phone, though, right? So maybe you can replace it for close to free, or at least get a reasonable price on a replacement?

  2. Ugh!!! It's those little things in life that can be so you'll just have be okay with this (eventually).

  3. Oh man!!! I feel for you. That sucks BIG time. :(

  4. I would have to punch something. Or someone. I kinda feel like I need to now, just reading this.