Thursday, November 8, 2012

I should have my own One King's Lane

You know, the flash-deal site?  I think I posted a while back about my coffee table.  I took forever to decide what I wanted.  I am skeptical about occasional tables (I suspect they multiply in the dark), and I try, in general, to acquire things for our home that I think will significantly enhance the way we'd like to live our lives.  The living room was just coming together; the last element, I decided, was game night, which we love hosting.  So I set out to find an antique game table with room in it to store lots of board games.  It turns out that these are generally 30" tall, and would not work as a coffee table.  Then I found an antique (not just vintage - it's quite old) wooden trunk at my favorite junk store for $60.  It had a flat top, and lots of room for board games.  After some debate, I bought it.  (And it has been perfect.)  I didn't recognize the type of wood.  Then a week or so later I saw an "antique camphorwood campaign chest" for sale on One Kings Lane.  The wood grain was identical to my chest.  I don't remember whether the price was $1599 or $2599, but it was one of those two.  And somebody bought it. 

This is why I should have my own One Kings Lane.  Except I probably wouldn't have quite as much stuff.  And a slightly smaller percentage would actually be from Morocco.  But I would mop the floor with them on the prices. 

So, without further ado, here is the misfit's flash sale collection for today.  If anyone else is entertained by this idea, feel free to steal it - I already did!  I'd love to see what other people come up with (so let me know if you join in, please!). 

Furniture and Decor with Character

60-Inch Tall Oriental-Style Cabinet, $100

Swedish-Style Painted End Table, $75

Rustic 60-Inch Tall Media Cabinet, $50

Vintage Rattan Chair; Seat Needs Recaning, $15

Vintage Yellow Velvet Hexagonal Chair, $47

Coral Velvet Couch, $100

Dark Wood Pedestal-Style End Table, $35

Seven-Foot Gold Brocade Vintage Tufted Sofa, $60

Antique Upright Piano with Gorgeous Oak Grain, free

Marble-Top Outdoor Table and Metal Cafe Chair Set, $50

Silver-Plate Coffee Pot, $22

Octagonal Pedestal Dining Table, $50

Round Aero Saarinen Knockoff Tulip Table with Marble Top, $100

Sofa Table with Carved Elephant Base and Marble Top, $500

Pair of Asian Lacquer Paintings, $10

Framed Small Oil Painting of Roses, $50

Vintage Mirror, $30

Vintage Mirror, $10

Silverplate Serving Platter, $29

Solid Wood-Framed Full Length Mirror, $100

Hammered Decorative Bowl, $25

Moroccan-Style Punched Pendant Lamp, $56

Industrial-Style Pendant, $20

Industrial-Style Galvanized Sconce, $23

Wool-Blend Throw with Crocheted Lace Edging, $40

18-Inch Square 100% Cotton Velvet Saturated-Color Throw Pillows, $10 each

Owl Candlesticks, $6-11

5-Quart Enameled Deep Blue Cast Iron Dutch Oven, $42

Amish-Made Wrought Iron Candle Chandelier, $19

Hmm...that's all I've got for now.  Take that, flash deal sites! 


  1. OK, I am so sending you "out" shopping for me from now on.
    These are AWESOME!!!

  2. My jaw is on the floor with all these incredible things and those unbelievable prices. You totally COULD have your own one king's lane! Or another great occupation would be to bargain hunt for other people and charge a commission. Think about it--you could've bought that trunk for $60 for the person who bought the outrageously higher one from okl, and you could've charged them $500 for your bargain-hunting time. They would've saved thousands, and you'd be $500 ahead. Win win. There are plenty of people out there without the bargain hunting savvy that you possess (myself included) who probably wouldn't mind paying someone to save them money! Also, I have decided that once all your reno and decor projects are finished, you HAVE to post a complete video tour of your home. This is non negotiable. If you don't, I will probably just show up at your door so I can see it in person.*

    *I promise I'm not a creepy stalker. That sentence sounded sort of stalkerrific so I amended it with this asterisk.

  3. My favorite are the Hexagonal chair and the swedish end table. So cool

  4. Where did you find the hexagonal chair, and is it available???