Thursday, September 20, 2012

more design decisions for you to help with

If you thought the lighting questions were difficult, you have no idea.  Seriously. 

So as you know I have installed one upper cabinet, and will eventually be showing you a second.  They each had their original latch.  Which looks like this:

So clearly I am not going to change those out.  Then, in an architectural salvage trip the other weekend, I stumbled on matching handles.  They don't have the push-button thing (which is connected to a latch that holds the door closed), which is fine because I figured I would put them on the lower cabinet doors, which are of modern construction and don't require a latch (just a handle).  Of course, being an idiot, I bought one.  This was as many as I could imagine needing for the lower cabinets.  (And now I can easily imagine needing two.  And the salvage place is quite a ways from home.) 

So, I still need hardware for my lower drawers.  I have looked at, I don't know, conservative estimate - 10,000 drawer pulls now.  Again, part of my difficulty is that I can't decide what I want.  One avenue is to assume that I will put a handle in the above style on each of the lower-cabinet doors.  Then I would need to get coordinating hardware for the lower-cabinet drawers.  (With me so far?) 

Turns out that it is not that easy to find pulls that in any way coordinate with the hardware I'm starting with.  (And I don't generally like Art Deco anyway, which doesn't help.)  But I have identified two candidates that may qualify - you tell me whether you agree.  This bin pull has ridges:

But then again, it is $5.43 on Amazon.  And I was trying to make an absolute cap of $5/pull; ideally $3 or $4.  This pull is just $3.97 at Lowe's.  It doesn't match as literally (no stripes), but it strikes me as compatible.  What do you think? 

At some point it occurred to me that my upper cabinets are/will be a different color and a different style than the lowers.  I could do a different style for the lowers!  People do this.  (These people, for example.)  Which in some ways solves a dilemma - I can consider some other things I like - but of course also creates a major dilemma: I can consider some other things I like.  That's a lot of things. 

For example, I am really partial to the antique pewter/antique silver look.  For the lower cabinets, I could use these cup pulls ($33.99 for 10 at Overstock):

And these door knobs ($3.08 each here):

I also really, really like black.  Not sure why; I just think it's lovely.  So, for example, I could use these bin pulls (though they're $5.99 at Home Depot):

(There's a matching pull for $2.99.)  And I have a soft spot for the wrought iron.  So I could also go with these ($3.51 at the Hardware Hut):

And, let's see, for the doors ($3.72):


Honestly, I kind of adore antique brass.  These are particularly awesome ($4.91 at Lowe's):

And I'd need door knobs ($4.07 at the Hardware Hut):

And of course anything that looks really antique catches my eye.  I could use these for the doors and the drawers (vertical for doors, horizontal for drawers).  They're $3.27 at Lowe's:

And as you know, I've been having a ridiculous soft spot for copper.  So...these are nice ($3.91 at the Hardware Hut:

They sell matching knobs, but I prefer these ($1.69 on Amazon):

These aged-copper ones are nice too ($2.50 each on Amazon):

(And they have matching cabinet door knobs, $2.15 each.)

I think I need some help here.


  1. I wasn't so sure on the brass or copper, but then I thought, "Did she end up with a copper light fixture?" And I don't know the answer to that. But if you did, then I think it would make sense to tie it in together. Though that may end up being too "matchy" and make those top cabinet handles sick out in a not so great way. In which case, I'd say, go with a black or iron, to make it more eclectic, or splurge and get the pulls with the ridges that are slightly out of your price range, making the copper light fixture it's own, unique feature in your kitchen.. It's a tough call without knowing what your kitchen is shaping up to be. You'll know best.

  2. Oh goodness, I have no idea! So many good choices!! I did like that first one from Amazon as it seemed to match the best to your existing ones.
    And I'm one of those matchy-matchy people so I don't think I could handle different on top and below, haha :)

  3. Goodness. I see the dilemma!! I'm more a fan of the rounded-top ones as opposed to the more squarish ones (if that makes sense). I kinda think I need to see pics of the kitchen before I could decide. My knee-jerk reaction is that I like the overstock ones the best, pulls AND knobs. I kinda like the idea of doing both, it seems like it'll be a nice design feature.

  4. Ah! I didn't explain where these are going! As anybody who is obsessed with my cabinetry will know (obviously that is EVERYBODY), the uppers are white. The lower cabinets are/will be in Behr's "Marine Magic," which is the gray-blue (lighter) wall color here: So the cabinet pulls should coordinate with that.

    And, yes, I bought the copper sconce. And am looking for a second :).

  5. The copper sconce will look so great with that marine magic color. Just really nice tones together, along with the white upper cabinets.

    For some reason I'm not loving the idea of copper hardware on the lower cabinets though. I think, like I said above, that I'd do either black or iron on the bottoms, or get the ones that matched with the ridges. I'd probably lean toward the latter, but that's because it's not my money. If it were me and I'd set my budget, I'd be much less likely to overrule myself on that.

    So basically this comment isn't providing anymore help. Have fun figuring it out!