Saturday, September 22, 2012


If you haven't heard this, I think you're going to need to:

OK, granted, it won't be that funny to those who weren't raised Christian (and specifically Catholic).  And, sure, one or two of these songs have some poignancy for those of us who were raised with them (singing On Eagles' Wings at a memorial service when we were only teenagers, for example), but in general I can say with confidence that Marty Haugen and his ilk were an aesthetic blight without which the world would be a better place now.  (Also, the new lyrics to Eagles' Wings are just awesome.  Maybe even spiritually instructive.)

Oh, by the way.  I pondered my cabinet pull options and your wise comments.  I decided that the black and the weathered copper were too dark to read well against the slate blue lower cabinets.  (Sad.)  And the bright copper just didn't look like it would work.  And the brass I loved (I even found it for a better price).  But aged brass isn't anywhere else in the kitchen.  So in the end...the top pulls are chrome, on white cabinets; it makes sense for the lower pulls to be a darker silver, on the slate blue cabinets.  So I chose something that I didn't even list (oops!):

Partly because it qualifies for Amazon's free shipping, and I needed to put together an order over $25 so I could get my mini block plane, which I will need to finish fixing my wonky doors.  (Ship swiftly, Amazon!)  Today: borrow saw from friend and start cutting stock for the vent-hood-cover.  Anyway I could have that done by the end of next weekend??

Also, as soon as I had ordered the above pulls, I saw something else (isn't internet marketing wonderful?):

I know it doesn't look like the same color, but it is also called pewter and it is also manufactured by Top Knobs, so I'm thinking it probably is.  Thus, maybe I should get those for the lower-cabinet doors, since I just bought the items for the drawers.  They'd match in color, and the lower-door handles would have a certain similarity to the upper-door handles.  (They're $5.23, but I only need maybe two of them.)  Alternatively, I could stick with these for the doors:

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. Good choice! I think you are right-a darker silver is the way to go. And I like the handle instead of the knob, but that's just me.

    Have fun!

  2. Seriously that is hilarious. One of the reasons I attend the TLM on Sundays. can'

  3. Have a great weekend... can't wait to see pictures when it's all done.

  4. Amen to M Haugen. I pretty much cringe if I ever have to sing one of those songs. It's why I really don't like the OCP music issue. Haugen galore!!

  5. LOL!! I'm in tears laughing. Where did you find that video? Hilarious!!! I love those songs, in a VH1 Awesomely Bad kinda way. And ps, I still love the round knobs. :)

    Visited the big orange store this weekend and came home with three gray/blue paint samples for my bathroom! Now I just need to strip the wallpaper and decide which one I like best. I decided to paint the vanity white...I will still need to strip it before painting, yes? Also, I decided to go with a dark wall color--eek!! I'm so daring!!