Saturday, June 2, 2012

the bathroom

I know what I said.

Anyway, last weekend before everyone came over for Memorial Day, I got the bathroom painted.  The quarter-round at the ceiling probably needs another coat, and there are one or two other projects (as I shall mention).  But it's an improvement.

This is not really a before picture.  This is after we started experiencing problems with the main drain, and wastewater and soil were backing up through the toilet all over the bathroom floor.  So, highly appetizing:

The other end of the (not large, but not unreasonably cramped) room, featuring the Toilet of Doom:

And a close-up of the tiles I hated.  I hated them even before they were this disgusting.  They were smallish square ceramic tiles, light gray with a violet undertone.

And here is the after:

You notice that it's still a vintage sink, but a different vintage sink.  The plumbers threw out ours, for whatever reason.  So then they bought us another one, which was also vintage, but cost them $350.  I can only conclude that my craigslist skills are exceptional.  The little trash can is from Ikea, by the way (I just thought it was adorable).

I think the wooden toilet seat is probably not working with the turquoise and white, so I should replace it.

This is below the window.  I like all the brass fixtures (which were there when we bought it).  The little wooden chest I bought for the (sole) bathroom in our last place, which had no storage.  The chest was $15 at Goodwill; it was painted red with some florals (an apparent DIY effort).  I used two of the beige colors my landlord had left over from the walls so this would match our old bathroom.  It's dingy now, so I'm planning to paint it gray and white.

This photograph is supposed to give an idea of how the Ultra Pure White trim, the white penny round tile (grout is "Natural Gray" from Home Depot), and the color-match of Valspar's Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue work together.  I originally imagined that the color would be at least one shade paler, so I had to adjust in my head, but I think now I like it.

But this '60s monstrosity has to go.

As soon as I learn to do electrical wiring, I will be hanging this (it's missing a screw.  I bought the shades and the fixtures on separate occasions from the ReStore.  $5 for everything).  (Also, I have really skinny arms - that is grotesque foreshortening.  I'm just saying.)

So there is the bathroom, people.

No pictures of the stove until I get the #$%* ovens working.

And, I am linking this to Susan's Metamorphosis Monday

UPDATE: I am now also linking to the Thrifty Decor Chick's "Show Us Your House!" bathrooms editionAnd also, I re-painted the little chest so it is no longer dingy (and even matches the bathroom's colors), and found a gorgeous antique mirror for over the sink.  And my MIL gave me an antique gas light fixture (so, really antique) that I am planning to thread with wiring and use as a pendant (the little brass fixture may be raided for wires), but I am still pondering how best to do that.  Haven't replaced the toilet seat yet.  Will get there...


  1. Amazing transformation!!! Love the colors and the tile is to die for.

  2. I love the penny tile. And wiring really is simple. Just a matter of pulling off little plastic caps, untwisting current wire and then twisting the wire of the new fixture to the ones in the wall and recapping. Seriously easy. I'm sure there's a play by play online somewhere. Just remember to cut off the power to that room before you start. That way you don't...die.

    Damn, I want penny tile in my house somewhere...

  3. Oh, I LOVE the colors in the bathroom you picked ... especially the corner floor shot with the penny tile!!! GREAT ROOM!!!
    Yeah, I'd agree on replacing the toilet seat ...

  4. You are incredible! It looks phenomenal. Love it all, especially the colors and floor tiles.

  5. Love the bathroom! The colors and tile are perfect together :).

  6. I like it a lot! Great color combos!


  7. Beautiful! Love the paint color, love the floor, and I love the walls.

  8. Thank you so much for bathroom is lovely and I really love the bead board and the color is so pretty . You must be so delighted with the out come.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth