Friday, May 18, 2012

happier doggy; etc.

For now, the plan is that doggy gets to sleep in our room (on a blanket on the floor) but we leave the door open.  Maybe eventually she will decide that her favorite spot on the rug in the living room is a better nighttime spot, too.  Also, she didn't have a dog bed proper at her former home, so I am going to pick one up this weekend.  If she really likes it, maybe she will eventually want to sleep there for the night.  We can work on it. 

She decided to keep our lives interesting in the past few days with a few of her special talents.  I thought she was pretty good about stealing food, because when I put a plate of dinner on the coffee table (which she can easily reach) while I fool with something on the couch, she looks at it, but doesn't actually go after it.  However, it would never have crossed my mind to leave something on the coffee table and then leave the room.  She is an animal, after all.  My husband is apparently more optimistic.  But he didn't leave a nice plate of beef and vegetables, which would have been a nice supplement to her diet of kibble.  He left a generous slice of Trader Joe's Tiramisu Torte - laden with dark cocoa powder, espresso, and heavy cream.  Apparently, when he returned, it was all gone. 

I was kind of concerned, because I have heard chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats.  Of course, I also know that most of the cats my family had (around 30 in total) stole at least a little bit of chocolate at some point and none seemed to suffer any adverse effects; obviously none died.  Neither did Bailey.  However.  She did eat only half her extra-large helping of kibble - apparently the first time in her life she has failed to eat 100% of her food within 30 seconds.  (She did finish it before bedtime, but took her time about it.)  And then.  She spent the evening lying on the living room rug, emitting the most noxious gas I have encountered.  My husband tried to put her outside (it was horrendous), but she's really incapable of feeling compunction for smelling bad.  Eventually, we just opened all the windows. 

She's been very well-behaved off a leash - hanging out in the neighbors' back yard around a fire pit (they really like her), going running, hanging out in our yard.  I don't take her off the leash on a walk or run until she's gotten some exercise, so she's calmed down a bit.  And I always keep an eye on her if she's in the yard and off her leash.  I guess my DH is more optimistic in general.  He stepped inside for a minute (leaving her in the yard with a friend of ours who was distracted doing something else) and she left the yard, went around the block and got herself into the middle of the huge intersection by our house.  We're talking a six-lane road and a four-lane road.  An off-duty police officer pulled over and collected her, and neither she nor any driver was injured, thank heaven. 

Obviously, this means she needs to be actively supervised if she is not on a leash.  Also, I suspect her view was that she had been left alone (the human nearby not being one of "her people"), and therefore was not obliged to stay put.  But what I cannot fathom is why she decided to venture into traffic.  That intersection is intimidating if you're behind the wheel of a car and you have the right of way.  Why would an animal want to head into the middle of it? 

In non-dog news, the plumbers finished the bathroom Wednesday - although I still have to paint it (and learn how to change the light fixture).  And they also installed the stove.  I was so excited I was not able to concentrate on anything else.  Last night, I came home and tinkered with it - got the pilot light working that hadn't been (other one was working fine), cleaned the burner-holes (which I hadn't thought to do before), greased the valves.  I still have to figure out whether the ovens are supposed to require a match to light (they don't light automatically at this point); get two of the burners to light from the pilot (the other two light perfectly, and have an awesome simmer setting, and the griddle lights up beautifully from the pilot); and soap up all the internal hoses and fittings and check the whole thing for gas leaks, just in case.  (Right now the gas to the unit is shut off.) 

I will take pictures this weekend, I swear!  And then you can see how horrendous it is in our 1970s kitchen that I have already started ripping apart, but will take maaaaaany months to put back together.  In the meantime, I can tell you we have this particular stove, except ours could really use a re-chroming (not in the budget right now):


  1. LOVE the stove! So pretty! I know you'll fix the Kitchen up to be so beautiful ... your projects always turn out great!
    I'm still laughing at the doggy farts!!! :-)

  2. I love the stove !! Bailey farts not soo much. My husband had a dog growing up that got into everything it was not supposed to & had the same problems.. including an entire egg casserole on Easter Sunday & and his grandma's 75th birthday ice cream cake..

  3. Chocolate isn't good for dogs or cats and can kill them if they've had enough. Sadie, our mooch otherwise known as a dachshund, has scarfed up the occasional scrap that's fallen to the floor before we managed to grab it without problems. I don't know how much is "enough", but I know that dark chocolate is worse than milk chocolate.

    I've always wonder why animals insist on finding the busiest road around and trying to cross it.

  4. So excited for you that you have a dog! Personally, I like having our dog in the room with us at night - though on the floor.

    I really liked this book when our dog was young:

  5. I'm so happy your pup has made her way into your bedroom - I'm sure she loves it there... But that's hilarious about her farts. Ah, the joys of doggy parenthood!

    Gorgeous stove - I'm so impressed you know how to do all this stuff!

  6. Yes. chocolate is poisonous to MASSIVE quantities. It takes pounds of pure cacoa to do real damage, especially with large dogs. One time Fat Girl (who is not only a counter thief but a garbage digger) ate an entire three-pound bag of M&Ms with no ill effects. i dont purposely feed it to her, she just has a way of finding it and getting into it. anyway, i panicked then too and did a bit of research. i learned it would take about 50 lbs of pure baking chocolate to kill my 80 lb dog. all that to say that I am sure your little guy is fine. :-) i feel you on the farts though... with two labs and a gassy mate, there are times i refuse to be in the room with them!

  7. In the middle of traffic! Heart attack. I would have had a heart attack. She sounds fun and zany---did you mention what breed she is?

    Have I assumed she is a she? Lol!

  8. Fabulous. And although children and pets are areas of life where we'd probably be better off keeping our opinions to ourselves, I am glad you have decided take a gentle tack on your sleeping situation. I would have suggested crating in your room, but if she's happy to stay on the blanket, so much the better. Glad the installation went well!

  9. Oh the things I would do for that stove!


  10. I. LOVE. that stove!!!! I cannot wait to see the "after" pictures when everything is all done. And, I'm so glad your dog wasn't hurt when she got into the street. That's heart-stopping--we have a little dog who likes to try to run away when he can, and he took off toward a very busy street and I freaked out--luckily we got him in time. It's scary though! And, I commiserate--dog farts are the WORST!