Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vere resurrexit!

Hi guys.

I know, I've been a total absentee. I'm sorry. (You were all wounded, I know.) First of all, happy Easter!! He is risen!

So I had a prayer buddy, K at Quiet Light, Morning Star. K, I am so sorry to leave you hanging so long. I also need to send you an email. (I think the prayer buddy enforcement team is going to come find me.) And a package! If the dratted folks at the Franciscan monastery hadn't shortened their Good Friday hours, I would be more punctual! I am not usually this bad. I swears...

K has had a lot happen this year already: her grandmother has died and her sister has been hospitalized with a brain tumor. She has a lot to be distracted by, obviously, but I have had to restrain myself from asking for updates on her sister (K hasn't shared whether the doctors know whether the tumor is benign or malignant, or whether surgery has been scheduled), because I hadn't been acquainted with her until TCIE let me know she'd be my prayer buddy, so I couldn't pester her with comments! So, K, I hope your sister is doing well and please let us know of her progress!

I decided to make another shot at going to Mass every day during Lent. I made a much better showing than last year - every day but ten, so that meant ten Rosaries. That's forty some-odd Masses and ten Rosaries (well, I've still got a few to finish. I haven't been that good, I guess) for K's intentions.

I do sort of have an excuse for my absence from blogging. (Well, you be the judge of its validity.) My boring job has long been the unwanted consolation prize/substitute/time-sucker-upper in lieu of the big family I wanted. I can't fairly complain - I work with nice people, I get a variety of things to do, I'm not in jeopardy of losing my job, I don't have to work brutal hours, and I harbor suspicions that I am actually overpaid. Most people in this country (or any country) would kill to be able to say all those things, and I should be more grateful than I am (I am grateful).

But since about ten minutes after we were married, I have been asked, "So what's new?" constantly when I run into people I know. As you know, that's code for, "Are you pregnant yet?" The meaning probably starts to disperse around year four of marriage (we're going on seven), but my early resentment of it never faded, and I rapidly adopted the habit of responding, "Nothing is ever new with me!" (I know this has an analog with single people, wherein "What's new?" means, "Are you dating anyone?" Which is probably worse, in that it may be even more prying, and even more dehumanizing.)

Even my classmates from law school cannot remember where I work (and have worked for almost four years), and when they see me, often ask, "How are things at [insert name of similar outfit]?" I can't explain what I do in one sentence, and when people stubbornly insist that I try, their eyes glaze over. It's not that I need to impress people with my job. I really don't. In fact, I'd prefer that it never ever intimidated anyone or made anyone unhappy. Nothing about that would make me happier, and I think the experience of infertility has taught me that it's better no one ever know of your blessings (real or perceived) than that you broadcast them and hurt someone who's already suffering.

Recently, however, the project that has been most of my boring job since December (and has taken up much more time than that for a number of people who work with me) has suddenly become very interesting. I think it's been in about every major in the country, as well as on TV, and I hear it has appeared internationally as well. My name doesn't appear anywhere (and never will, thank heaven), but it's nice to show up at a social event and have a darn good answer to, "So, what's new?" (Naturally, no one has asked that particular question of me since this started...but never mind.) This month, my job isn't a consolation prize, a regretful obligation, a remnant of my broken body, something all the mommies are obliged to ask me about politely (and then listen to the answer with glazed-over eyes) in a lull in the conversation about baby milestones. It's something people want to hear about. (I'm not elaborating about my project, but if you're interested, email me and I'll fill you in.)

So I've been really busy, and not keeping up with blogging. I'm afraid the insanity surrounding my little project continues for the next week or two at least, but eventually, I will be back to boring you all with paint colors. Speaking of which...the bathroom-repairing folks are supposed to show up tomorrow, and I've bought a can of paint in the Grand Hotel Mackinac Island Blue color, as well as several boxes of penny-round tile. Also, I bought a light fixture and I'm hoping they'll be willing to take out the one that's in there now (which is 60s-ish and I don't like) and replace it with this brass thing I found at the Habitat ReStore. The other fixtures are brass, so I think that will go well. I am excited to have "after" pictures - but I guess it's a little less exciting than if I were doing all the work myself! Still and all, with a bathroom ripped out down to the studs, and the floor joists scheduled to be ripped out too, I'm relieved that someone else is taking care of it. It may even be done in time for me to host book club. Imagine - a powder room to offer guests that has an actual floor! In which the toilet doesn't overflow!

And with that, I leave you with this very Easter-appropriate snippet, which I'm sure you'll all enjoy. I can't embed it, but go over and watch this.

Wesolego Alleluja!