Wednesday, February 8, 2012

it gets better

OK, so I'm not technically sure that's true.

But sometimes there is a reprieve.

My beloved sister arrived from her extended sojourn doing research in Europe last Wednesday. She's been gone for almost two years, and while she eventually has to get a new apartment near her university and go back there to keep working on her dissertation, my house is the chosen landing pad for her re-arrival in the States. I pride myself on offering a relatively convenient place for people to visit. We're near DC, a useful destination. It also has three airports and numerous train stations. We're walking distance to commuter rail. We're also walking distance to lots of shops and amenities (library, church, etc.). Our neighborhood is safe and there are places in it to go running. We now have guest bedrooms that give visitors some of their own space, and enough "public rooms" (living room, dining room, kitchen) that people can be doing various things without interfering with one another. We have wireless internet, which we originally got in part because it would be nice for guests. We're pretty low-key about our schedules, and people can come and go as they choose; and I almost never make dinner at night, but I try to have food in the fridge that people can heat up whenever they're hungry.

Anyway, I now have my very favorite shopping buddy. Plus she has apparently decided to clean my whole house. I'm an indifferent housekeeper, but it wasn't filthy, and I had cleaned the bathroom before she came and did some other stuff the next day. She swept floors I had declared did not need sweeping, and yesterday when I got home she was scrubbing my stove burners. Every day I have people plural to come home to, and yesterday a friend of mine from college came over to go running, a friend of DH's from college came over to watch the election returns, and I persuaded everyone to let me make them cocoa. We went to bed late, but it was so nice to have a house full of people.

Even better, I have things to do without having to deal with the "now with babies" crowd in the area. It doesn't mean that I won't see them until she leaves (a month or so), but it means that I have an excuse to get out of things if I don't want to go, or I can show up and leave on my own terms; there's another person there who also doesn't have children; and because my sister wants to do something other that sit around the back yards of my husband's college friends and "hang out" drinking wine until all hours (which seems fair), I have been moving toward engagements with more of an activity (a comic opera with seven girls from my book club, for example) and/or a more intelligent bent. In other words, situations in which a 45-minute "cry it out" conversation would be far less likely to happen.

I may have to deal with the same-old, same-old crowd this coming weekend, but already it sounds like the events would be more active (making dinner as a group, if I wield my influence successfully) and include half single people, which gives me lots of people to talk to who don't have babies in tow.

Here's to a gayer 2012, already.


  1. Having a favorite shopping buddy... yes, things are definitely looking up!! :)

  2. I'm glad to know that you are having a wonderful visitor and getting your house cleaned at the same time. My mom stayed with us for five months a couple years ago and my house was never so clean. I felt bad, but I loved it at the same time.

  3. All of that sounds better...lots better than the encounter you recently described. Have fun!

    PS. Good luck with the rugsusa sale-you must share if you find one to buy!

  4. Praise God for sisters!
    Dee Dee

  5. I love the happiness in this post! Thank God for sisters!

  6. That sounds like so much fun! I love having a house full of friends/family/guests. :)

  7. that is so cool she is staying with you :) you're going to have an awesome time!!

  8. Whoooooo Hoooooooo! Love that your sister is spending time with you (and cleaning!) and you get to enjoy her company! I love hanging with my sister too!