Friday, May 13, 2011

Texas, ho!

So this next week I will be in San Antonio for work. I know there are lots of Southern belles among our reproductively defective ranks, but I'm not sure any are actually in Texas (and I hear tell Texas is on the large side, in any case). Just in case, though, I thought I'd see whether anyone will be in the area. I believe I am free Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. Drop me an email if you'll be around and would like to meet up!

In other news, apparently today is CD1. It appears that the femara has, on the whole, increased my early-luteal-phase temps, but decreased the temps in the second week to basically the same as my pre-peak temps. (Of course, this implies that there quite likely was no "peak," which is interesting, because usually my charts are reasonably indicative of ovulation. Yes, I know, charts are not conclusive in this respect.)

Anyway, the first appointment I could manage with Tep.eyac to go over my HSG results and my blood draw results will actually be around CD15 of this cycle (when I made the appointment, I thought it would be around CD13). I consider that a stroke of luck - it should be p+2 or p+3, which sounds like a good time for an ultrasound to look for a ruptured follicle. (Yes, I know, I could have other ovulation defects, but it would be handy to rule out LUFS, at any rate.) Also interesting is that because peak day this past cycle was on a weekend, it looked like I was going too have a p+8 (or p+9?) blood draw this past Monday. But I wasn't able to get to the lab Monday, and I didn't want to wait another cycle (I was supposed to do the draw the cycle before), so I went in Tuesday - p+9 (or p+10?). I would generally consider that a waste of time, but since my temperatures have been dropping too early since I started the femara, this might actually have been the ideal time to see whether it's working right. We shall see what the doctor says.

I also realized that while I was surprised that CD1 wasn't a day or two later, I was not one iota surprised that it happened. This is my second femara cycle (and we definitely gave this one a good shot, unlike the previous one - though that couldn't be helped), so you'd think I'd have been really hopeful that this was the miracle drug and worked out for us. I admit, the day or two after my HSG, I was more optimistic than usual - I thought maybe the HSG would clear a nice easy path for the sperm! But when I realized yesterday I was spotting and that today was CD1, I entertained not one second of denial, or of hope that the spotting would never progress into anything else and would simply be one of those confusing early pregnancy signs that fertile women get. I took it as a matter of course and popped some naproxen sodium and thought happily that it would be basically over by the time I left for Texas on Monday and I might even drop a pound or two in water weight and fit into a pair of pants I like.

I know the hope will rear its ugly head again; I haven't won for good yet. But if I can have even one cycle - a medicated cycle - when I don't even delude myself that I might not start a new cycle, I'm gaining ground. Someday, I will conquer it for good.


  1. Interestingly enough, my PARENTS will be in San Antonio this week, and they invited me along. I declined....but now I'm wishing I hadn't!

    If you're ever in another, slightly northern, state, gimme a shout. I'd love to have coffee.


  2. did you just call me a ho?
    ha, i'm in texas but further east. plus we're in a chaotic, about to move further west state in a week so, no can do :( i'd probably have a better chance meeting up in DC!

  3. Enjoy Texas! It's fabulous! I'm in Houston, but it's about 3 hours away, and I can't make it over your way this week - sorry! Enjoy!