Thursday, April 28, 2011

praise God

I had my HSG this morning. The right tube has hydrosalpinx (it also did at my first HSG in early 2009). The left tube does not - it spilled properly. (Same result as early 2009.) I had it done again because during my laparotomy in October of 2009, the doctor also queued up an HSG, and it indicated hydrosalpinx in both tubes (she speculated this was caused by the three months of tamoxifen I took before surgery, which may have aggravated my endometriosis and caused adhesions that fused the second tube shut. Endometriosis sufferers taking stimulating drugs BEFORE having surgery: you have been warned). Her hope was that the surgery would remedy this problem, but I had not verified that this was so.

I know I have a foot in the I quit/permanently infertile/no more treatment camp, but I feel like I've had my sentence suspended on the way to the gas chamber. I didn't know I would be this relieved.

I mean this in no way to attack those whose infertily is medically absolute; I will be joining you there soon (the eggs are aging rapidly). But my resolutions for 2011 included checking a few last things off the infertility treatment list before hanging up my gown hat. Although my infertility is understood to be endo-related, I don't have a little framed certificate with a medical diagnosis, and the surgery that should (could?) have helped didn't help, so I want to resolve my condition intelligibly in my own mind and then move on with my life.

I also took my second round of femara this cycle. I will be doing a blood draw on p+7 to see whether it's improving my hormone levels (it has already improved my chart, clearly). I'll also be trying to make a sporting use of this cycle so I actually get my money's worth out of the drugs (didn't do much with last cycle). And next cycle, I will bite the bullet and start intramuscular HCG injections. (I already have the prescription.) Had the HSG results been bad, I would not be moving to that step.

One other thing I haven't done that I would find useful is an ultrasound series. However, it would significantly interfere with my ability to do my job, and I am not sure I want to deal with that much of a pain in the neck. Since it's diagnosis, not treatment, it doesn't really seem worth the headache. I don't have any reason to believe I am not ovulating (other than my obstinate failure to get pregnant), and some ultrasounds helpfully timed after peak day were consistent with having ovulated (but not conclusive - of course).

We shall see.


  1. What wonderful news! One tube working like a champ is great! And definitely make sporting of this cycle... :)

  2. Dumb question re: ovulation from someone who never had to go down that road - do you think you're having the appropriate hormonal changes only to have your body not respond to them? (Wouldn't OPKs be the step before the series, or couldn't they cut down on the number of ultrasounds you'd actually need?)
    In the hope of trying to avoid asking dumb questions, reviewed ancient history, came up with additional dumb question. How on earth could endo be your fault? Or 12y.o. misfit's fault, for crying out loud?

  3. this is encouraging ! I am so glad for your news :)

  4. I agree, great news!! Go leftie go!!!!!

  5. Everyday I want to throw in the towel with the whole fertility thing. Can't seem to get the tests I need. I have been doing HCG and am on cycle 5 with that. Apparently my hormone levels are good. I also am really into natural treatments/alternative medecine. As soon as we get coverage I am off to see someone trained in that acient form of medicine. Nothing to lose now. Yesterday I got this great book on Traditional Chinese Medicine and IF. It is called the Infertility Cure. I love the principals of TCM. It makes so much sense. I don't know if you like alternative medicine but it may be worth a try, or something to go along with western medicine treatment.

  6. OK, so here's what you have to do:

    Come spend a week with me in NJ, timed about 5 days before you are due to ovulate, and I will do your ultrasound series.

    That's all there is to it!

    Seeing a corpus luteum post-ovulation is not helpful at all. It doesn't diagnose premature rupture, delayed rupture, empty follicle, or really even LUF (unless it was right after ovulation in which case you'd still see a giant cyst). The series is really crucial to proper diagnosis.

    I also think you would benefit greatly in the health department from a better, er, different Dr. I know, you want to jump through the screen and bite my head off right now, but I had to say it. Not possibly, I understand. I totally do. Damn, I wish you were closer to one of those better Drs :(

  7. I think TCIE answered at least part of my question. (thanks!)