Friday, January 14, 2011

Reports of my Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Er, by me. Heh heh. Oops.

I am alive. Miraculously, Wednesday morning I woke up and felt normal (for an endo patient). And I had lost three pounds. Not worth a useless and extremely unpleasant day, but acceptable, I suppose.

Tomorrow, we are signing the papers for the offer on The Overpriced House. It will be our first offer. It will also be rejected, but that's OK, because we have not made an offer before, and it will be a learning experience. (This is sort of like taking an HPT so you can mark another box on your charts, even though you know full well what the outcome will be. Except probably less fraught.)

If any of you has nothing else to pray for (and I think this takes a distant infinity-second to the intentions of every blogger on your blogroll, my blogroll, and all of their blogrolls, plus most of the people I know in real life, all of whom have real problems), you could maybe say a prayer that they for some reason accept our offer. But they won't, so probably that's not a good use of an intention.

Also, touching on Tuesday again: at the beginning of the morning I did offer up the unpleasantness for all of your intentions (rarely do I remember such things). I didn't have quite the energy to go through everyone systematically, but I did have a general but firm mental impression of babies who should not be miscarried, cycles that should not be futile, and jobs that should be worked out. And then at the very end - I almost forgot! - I offered my small suffering for the restoration of my husband's faith.

A few minutes before, he later told me, in the shower, he had said a prayer - God, if you're real, and if my brother (his oldest brother) gets into treatment for the alcoholism that's killing him, I will at least try to be a good Catholic, even if I'm not sure I believe it in my heart.

That evening, while I tried to be supportive from my rather maudlin nest of blankets, I listened while my husband talked to his parents and siblings, and then his eldest brother and the brother's wife - and the stubborn, possibly suicidal brother agreed to seek treatment for the first time, ever (he's in his forties). Of course, he was very drunk and incoherent, and would never remember by morning.

The next morning, he checked into detox. His BAC was .447. (Look that one up.) Now he's agreed to go to AA.

Praise God.


  1. Whoa! That was some powerful prayer! Those must've been BAD cramps!!!!

    I'll say a prayer for that offer. It can't hurt, right?

  2. Yes, praise God.

    Definitely praying for the house offer.

  3. Wow that is amazing!

    Good luck on your longshot offer :).

  4. I've seen someone "forget" to breathe at around a .3, so color me uhhh impressed. Hopefully, this will be the first step forward both for him and you know who. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  5. wow, that is awesome! my husband's faith is not exactly solid, either, and i pray often that God would bless us with a baby just in order to show him that God IS real and DOES care, not just because we want a baby..

  6. This is wonderful! I hope your offer is accepted.

  7. So happy for your husband and his brother. I hope his story has a happy ending.

    What the heck? Why not pray for sellers to take an offer way below their asking price? You never know . . .

  8. Wow. Thank you God for that one. Now your DH has to follow through. Encourage him:)

  9. I am sorry for the cramps and of course I don't wish those on anyone. (And to my knowledge I don't have endo cramps, but the cramps I do have are bad enough and I wouldn't want others to deal with it anyway...I can't imagine the pain you go through...oh, I am sorry.) Back to the real reason I am commenting - I will pray for your house intention at Mass this evening. I look forward to hearing how it goes and yes, I think this is a BIG thing to pray for and I would be glad to - actually I will pray for all your intentions.

    Amazing about your, just wow. Keep us posted...I am excited about this possibility. St. Joseph, pray for us!

  10. How generous of you to remember others in your sufferings / unpleasantries! I hope I have enough grace to remember that beautiful intention the next time suffering hits me.

  11. Wow!!!

    And I hope your offer is accepted.

  12. Wow!

    Praying for your offer. They may just surprise you after all.

  13. Wow, will be praying for BIL, and FOR THE HOUSE OFFER! St. Joseph got rather tired of us last year, but we haven't bothered him yet this year, and now I have a reason to ;)

  14. oh yes Praise God! Will keep praying for your BIL and for the house! Good luck! :)