Monday, January 31, 2011

all sorts of things

So my mind traipses through reality and the internet at random...

You must love this site as much as I do.
The blogger narrates the lives of Gary and Elaine, the people who live in your catalogs. For example:

Elaine was relieved to discover what Gary meant by "the dog stool in the kitchen."

This provides really useful information, and who doesn't love quizzes? Do you need therapy? It correctly concludes that I do. (It also thinks I'm bipolar. Dude, that is so the wrong pathology. I would get so much more accomplished.) Naturally, I am still working on getting in touch with Mr. Therapy Guy. Got him on the phone today...he is his own secretary, which of course means nightmarish organization...he's moved away from psychotherapy and toward "pastoral counseling," which might be helpful, but is less likely covered by insurance (and more likely redundant with my spiritual direction) I look for an ordinary shrink somewhere that takes my insurance? Or do I stick to looking for a Catholic who can help with my faith-related issues as well? Why is it so difficult even to get help?

Also on that subject...

My DH has this brilliant idea we should move to Denver. No, no reason. Of course, I already found us a house, but actually, what I would need is a job. Also, a good reason we should up and move to Denver. I just thought of a good way to decide: are there any nice bloggers in Denver? C'mon, y'all potential Mountain Region lurkers. Is Denver a good place for an infertile girl? If all the childless infertile bloggers were going to move somewhere, where should that place be?

A lot of people are pregnant lately. No, I don't mean Natalie Portman, and maybe Angie again (wait, no, they're adopting), and Nicole and Keith's surrogate (I guess that means they're IF? Wait, I think I already knew that) and whoever whatever. I mean bloggers. Is this a beginning-of-the-calendar-year thing? 'Cause I think it happened that way last year too. Sociologists should study this. They should study us.

I know avoiding the foods that give me abdominal pain is good for me (and no, that doesn't include gluten and dairy. Life is difficult enough!). And I generally am pretty disciplined about that these days. But I miss this:


  1. Denver is a great place. I don't live there, but I do live in the West. If/when we move some day, I hope it's to the Denver area. I think there are 2 or 3 Napro doctors in the area as well. Just sayin'

  2. Those are hysterical! Thanks so much for giving me a laugh today. :)

    If it were me, I would probably go with a therapist that takes insurance. You have a spiritual advisor (director? sorry if I'm using the wrong term) that can discuss faith related issues with you at greater length, and while I would imagine there's a lot of crossover, it seems like it would make sense to at least try a therapist that's covered. If it isn't working, you could always stop and find someone who could address both (even if you have to pay for it).

  3. We don't live very far from Denver :) We could come visit you if you lived there! How far is it from where you are now?

    I love the pictures in this post!!! My husband and I already really enjoy icanhazcheeseburger... but I didn't know about catalogliving.. ;) going to have to check that out!!!

  4. Laughing outloud! Yes to a therapist, Denver, and I agree; someone should study us. And now I'm craving Cheetoes. Thanks ;)

  5. I took the quiz and am surprised to learn I only fell in the middle category. I thought for sure I'd land in the "Psychotherapy Likely" category.

    I would love to live in Denver, but it is about 12 hours from me. I would love to live in that house, too!

  6. Your posts makes me smile. And I love that crazy blogger. Nothing like a laugh a day to keep you healthy.

  7. I think living in Colorado or North Dakota sounds idyllic. You know, get a huge house with an enormous pantry that will keep you stocked and a wood stove that keeps you nice and cozy when there is 18 feet of snow outside!!

    It has taken 3 days of positive tests for it to even begin to sink in. Honestly, it is UNBELIEVABLE after all we went through last year that God has blessed us with just US. But I guess that is His business, what with the mustard seed and all. Hang in there- still praying for you!

  8. I don't know about the IF bloggers, but I love Denver!

  9. I don't live in Denver, but my brother and his religious order do. They have a really good bishop. I agree with EC about at least starting with someone who is covered by insurance and if that doesn't work out then go for the pastoral counseling. I definitely agree that sociologists should study us. Thanks for the laughs!

  10. I no longer live in Denver, but I did for over four years and I loved it. (This isn't a job, but it's a reason to live in Denver - love it, love it, love it and miss it all the time.) Also there's amazing beer in CO, better weather for camping and a pretty cool bookstore (the tattered cover). I am a stability kind of gal, so I'd be unlikely to head out there in your position (gainfully employed), but if you have an hour or three, I can tell you what's great about CO.

  11. I've only ever been to the Denver airport, so I don't really have an opinion. Heck, if you want cold, move up here to Canada!!!! ;)

    Your post made me smile! Thanks! :)

  12. I'm an insurance-only type of girl, so that's where I'd start.

    Denver - you'd have to adjust that new perfect cookie recipe you have for high altitudes ;) (Can you tell I'm obsessed with sweets? They stopped one of my medications that regulates insulin.)

  13. Love the last picture. Thanks for the laugh!

  14. Haha! Love the pictures :) And yes, Denver is a wonderful place. DH's family lives out west, and I wish we could visit there more often!

    I (fortunately? feeling guilty about it with IF bloggers since I JUST started blogging) fall in the "pregnant in the new year" category. Prayers that this will be your year too!

  15. How have I gone this long without knowing about Catalog Living? Hilarious!
    Yes, everyone is pregnant. Pretty soon, I will have to go on another search for NON-pregnant IF bloggers...
    Denver, huh? Years ago, we tossed around the idea of moving out to that area - there were jobs out there for Hubby at the time and we had a friend in the area. Seems like a nice place for super-active people who like to hike and camp (which is who I used to be and would like to be again one day).
    That cat looks exactly like my Ozzy :).
    You crack me up with your cheetoh obsession, lol. I never liked the way they got stuck in my teeth and my hands turned orange, but I still do remember how they taste even though it's been approximately 5 years since I've had one.