Monday, August 9, 2010

wee update

  • I was supposed to get to see the first "my house" (see here, house #2, where I went through our 2009 visit in excruciating detail) Friday with our buddies the old-house lovers, who could give us a ballpark on renovations. (We need a ballpark to pick an offer price; even to discern whether we could make an offer.) But the dumb realtor screwed it up and failed to make an appointment, so we didn't get to see it!
  • Next step: find out whether the sellers accept a developer's offer to buy all three lots. (They really want to sell all three, so their not accepting after several days means he offered them pennies on the dollar, which they totally deserve.) If they don't, schedule another chance to see it if our friends will be patient enough to come out again! (Cross fingers!)
  • Found my DH a car this weekend! (It was supposed to be a surprise before he got back, but I'm a liiittle late there. He was a good sport though.) It's the second one I took to the mechanic to look at (first one had been in an accident). The misfit is not that good a negotiator, but for some reason won big here; I paid $1400 less than I had budgeted for! Still concerned that there's a body in it or something, but it seems to be on the up-and-up. And my DH loves it. One major purchase down, and he will no longer be driving my beloved Vibe!
  • I've decided I'm going to pester callmemama about seeing her RE. (First, I need to check whether this woman is covered by my insurace. So we're just on the germ of an idea.)
  • Had another interim thought about my IF treatment. I still need to get the results (and any further prescription) from my last thyroid test. I swear they're intentionally avoiding me now. So I may need a higher dose there. I've also thought of a few more things. I need to figure out exactly what HCG regimen other IFers were on. I may want to lobby for that instead of femara - will do a little more thinking.
  • And, I had a thought about the surgery/months of irregular cycles/recurring cysts issue. I don't want another surgery this soon, not when it knocks out my cycle for seven months. I have no reason to believe Dr. L/C did a bad job; the cysts can always come back, and mine have always seemed aggressive. But - here's the epiphany - I could ask to go on depo for 3-6 months. That's supposed to shrivel the cysts and adhesions up without surgery, right? And your fertility is supposed to be highest when you come off of it (like surgery, in theory). I have no reason to believe that depo would knock out my cycle like surgery did, so it seems like it would be worth trying before going under the knife again.
  • I finally started taking my temps again. On a day in the midst of the fertile CM, CD12, it was 97.2; then starting the day after the last day of fertile CM: 97.8, 97.9, 97.8, no temp, 97.8 (that last is CD18). If those are post-peak temps, they're low. (I used to be around 97.7 pre-peak and 98.2 post-peak.) Why would my default temps have dropped? I'm on thyroid now, and I wasn't before. Fertilityfriend says I haven't ovulated yet (but I didn't give it a lot of early temps to go on). Guess I need to collect more data for next cycle...
  • My DH finally got his S/A results back. There's one low-ish number, motility, but they are way better than I expected, actually (I think 112 million/mL or something as a count - that's pretty normal!). I don't understand some of the notations, so I'm going to post them in full to get the expertise of the IFosphere. Stay tuned.


  1. Those are low temps for post-peak. If you have ov'd, I suspect the thyroid levels aren't where they should be. I hope you get those numbers soon.

    Good job on the car. Let us know if you find a body.

  2. Just some random thoughts-I am on hcg post peak (some gals do pre peak for trigger) so if you want more info from me on that, happy to provide.
    Also, I think depo has side effect of bone loss and other things that make docs not like it so def worth checking into.
    I hope you get another house appt soon and congrats on the great deal on the car!
    And what is up with the doc not responding to you, that would be so frustrating!

  3. So is it a sign that you read too many IF blogs when you see the title "wee update" and immediately think it means results of some type of urine test? LOL!! Well, you did have some health/test updates to post. Bummer about the house! You have such awesome plans and decorating ideas.

  4. My doc doesn't file insurance claims, but she provides you with the paperwork to send to your insurance company. With mine, she's considered out-of-network and they cover 70% of the charges - which, since her charges are much less than the average doctor's visit, isn't bad at all.
    Here's her website
    You can email me if you have any other questions about her!

  5. do not trust Fertility Friend. post your chart and i'm sure a number of us will help you decipher it. i'd hate to see you miss a potential window of opportunity just because FF mistakenly says that you didn't ovulate if, in fact, you did.

    re: the S/A. ask for a wash. in my experience with male factor infertility, none of those numbers mean anything without a wash. in 4 consecutive analyses, my guy's numbers were low but ok. it was after an IUI - for which a wash is required - that we learned how bad the problem was. if you do this and see a problem (and i certainly hope you don't), then request an SCSA to check on the status of his DNA.

    wow, that's a lot of acronyms! sorry!

    i like the depo theory.

  6. I tried to comment yesterday and the select profile box was empty!
    Looks like it's working now.
    I thought anything above 20m was "normal" and 60m was "average" - you'll forgive me, but as there is no way to finesse a 0, I never got edumacated about what the standard deviations around the average look like for sperm counts. And we definitely didn't get far enough to be thinking about washes - wow - you think that in three years you would have read about nearly everything.
    The other number you were looking for at "my place" is 14. Thank you for appreciating what I haven't posted.