Wednesday, June 2, 2010

things to do

So I made a list of the things I can see that I need to do to get my life into balance. I realize that if I fix all the things that are symptomatic and all the things that are probably introducing greater instability into my life than necessary, I could still be depressed and/or have an unbalanced life. So there are still global issues to address, but I can't imagine that moving all these things into the right place won't help.

Below are my charming little lists. I know the to-do list sounds scary-ambitious (maybe - or maybe this is what all of you guys do on a lazy Saturday afternoon), and it's possible to live a good, happy, healthy life without working a full-time job and doing all of these things. But I am not living a good, happy, healthy life. There's no longer any point thinking about how healthy I could be. I actually need to be healthy. However, I also needed to include all the things that, in the past year or so, I've similarly thought I really needed to do to get my life into shape - and then have actually accomplished. While much smaller, I think this list is impressive in its own right.

First, for my little kickoff celebration, I am going to talk about Yesterday Evening. See, after the very quiet day in my weekend (Monday. ALL I did was go shopping. For things I was allowed to buy, though), Tuesday was my only un-booked evening until Sunday; and whatever else I needed to get done before the weekend, I needed to get a serious start on. But when I get home, a powerful magnetron beam (geek!) draws me toward my computer and the tawdry internets. (Not you all. You are not tawdry. But once I catch up on blogs, I look for anything to secure my fickle attention.)

But as I was trolling for some trash TV show to watch on hulu that I'm not even addicted to yet, the phone rang, and I barely found it as it hit the last ring, so I immediately answered without looking, even though it was one of those friends I cannot talk to for less than an hour (plus, usually). And as I answered the phone, I was sort of horrified - there goes my evening, right? EXCEPT THAT I WAS WRONG.

You see, I can't watch hulu and talk on the phone at the same time. But what CAN I do while talking on the phone? Well, I can soak all my DH's polos in oxygen bleach. I can get my depressing sinkful of dishes into the dishwasher. I can put away all the hand-washed dishes I've been ignoring. I can hand-wash all the dishes that don't fit in the washer. I can clean the dead bugs off my countertop (there are so many I just bleached them in place. It's been really traumatic. I don't even know what they are) and bleach the whole thing twice more so I can actually use it.

And I can MAKE AN ENTIRE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE! Oh yes! Because I'm going to my newlywed friends' for dinner Thursday and I needed to bring dessert and didn't know when I'd have time to make one. This recipe has been the bane of my existence for years - sounds fabulous, turns out rotten - and from all outward appearances, this time I nailed it. (It may be the only cheesecake I've ever made with no cracks in the top. I make excellent non-chocolate cheesecake, but it always cracks.) After I sample it Thursday, if it really is perfect, I will tell the world what I did to alter the evil recipe. Spoiler: LOADED with gluten, dairy, and refined sugar. In fact, there are practically no other ingredients. Well, besides CHOCOLATE.

So, in summary: I made an ambitious baked good that appears to have succeeded. I so rarely cook or bake any more, and this made me happy. AND my kitchen is not a disaster covered in dried chocolate batter - it's CLEANER than before! Almost ACTUALLY clean! Undeniably, a victory. Anyway, on to the lists:

Get substantial exercise regularly
Get my meds to the right place
Get back to a size 6
Pay all bills on time
Figure out how to clean the shower properly
Clean more often
Get to work earlier
Periodically get books out of the library and read for fun
Schedule annual and RE exams
Get new contact prescription
Paint my toenails regularly :)

To Do
Attend daily Mass more often (at least once a week, then work up)
Catch up on late wedding presents :(
Establish daily prayer routine (start small)
Finish friends' adoption paperwork
Catch up on correspondence
Deal with household pests }:<
Mildew remediation
Do mending and finish sewing projects
Go through remaining boxes and throw things out
Buy and plant rest of herbs and vegetables
Floss daily, use mouthwash, and brush twice every day
Make dentist appointment (see above...)
Make physical appointment
Vacuum regularly
Finish some artwork
Write law review article
Fit into last suit (my beloved Tahari one! I'm so close!)
Help DH with job stuff; remind him


  1. You sure have accomplished a lot already...Woohoo! I need to shed some pounds too but it's been really hard. I blame my hormones! Good luck with that seem very ambitious. I know you can do it!

    BTW: Floss daily is a completely tough one for me. By the time I get to brushing my teeth..I'm already too tired.

  2. Um, if I explain my troubles to you will you please put them into great lists like these? This is great - much more specific than the lists I typically make.

  3. I love making to-do lists (I'm so typically Type A, it's scary) as well!

    Mr. JB and I hired a cleaning lady a few years ago and it has saved my sanity and our marriage. I found it too overwhelming to manage my housework on top of my full time job as well as my social life on the weekends. I see the money that we spend on our cleaning lady as an investment in our marriage. All we have to worry about is laundry and little clean up jobs (like sweeping the floor and dishes) and she does the big stuff like deal with the bathrooms.

    Good luck getting your to do items done. Remember to be kind to yourself and to not stress out too much if you don't get everything done!

  4. Love the list! this just cracked me up. "brush twice every day" haha. R u like Jessica Simpson who doesn't brush daily? lol.
    I need to do some of those things also, daily prayer routine, flossing....
    Thanks alot for the pic of the chocolate cake. mmmm! I want some now and I cant have it! ;)

  5. I love the list! My lists are all pretty much housework related, except for needing a daily prayer routine. I'd love for you to share more info on how to clean the shower properly; mine is nasty.

  6. I love your list and envy what you've accomplished already.

    I also nub your new header photo -wow.