Monday, June 21, 2010

some sort of houses

I just found out that the first-time home buyer tax credit has been extended by three months (I believe that means that you can get your up-to-$8000 if you have a contract by July 31 and close by September 30). Also, yesterday morning as we were about to leave to go tubing on the Shenandoah with friends (which was awesome and the ideal way to spend a 97-degree Sunday), our kitchen light fixture started smoking and immediately there was a loud chattering noise of pain and pique by what were clearly multiple creatures that had been hanging out above the kitchen ceiling. This morning before I left for work, a couple of brave fellows appeared who are going to fix the wiring and identify our upstairs neighbors. (Before this episode, said neighbors had been apparently absent for at least a week - I had been planning to spray the crawl space with some handy-looking vermin repellent when they returned.)

Obviously, these two events are connected in my mind.

Anyway, tragically, I don't have a current house I'm in love with which I can make myself believe will be my house. I love the "castle" I found and its proximity to a fabulous church, but my DH can't deal with the freeway noise and according to the crime maps I found, it gets a bit too much attention from the local underworld (a couple of vehicle smash-and-grabs and even a breaking and entering or two within the last six months, in just a block or two radius. Not ideal). I have some others I'm fond of that I know perfectly well are too far away. And then there's one that qualified for all of my requirements - nice neighborhood, big yard, near the metro, near a cool church that's en route to the metro, affordable, right age, etc. - but it's appreciably smaller than I'd like. Should I let that go? We don't have a house full of kids. And now, it's under contract anyway.

However, forlorn though I may be about the lack even of a real estate daydream (BTW, my DH and I have decided to go out to dinner Tuesday and do our future planning meeting then), and sad though it makes my pointless little searches on craigslist for antique furniture I have nowhere to keep, I still have my appreciation for housing pretties. Such as:

I want this room. As in, if I have a house with this structural setting (most old houses have), I will create it.

And something about this doorway and, more particularly, this particular execution of a coffered ceiling, strikes me as absolute perfection. This would seriously be feasible to do myself, and it could look that good!

And finally, I would never have imagined this particular color scheme and wall treatment, but now that I see it, it seems so obvious. What paint color is that on the wainscoting? I have to know. I have to recreate this bathroom.

I'm going to find my house. I am...


  1. Love the pictures! Especially that first one.
    I have to say - I am not a fan of the tiny hexagonal tiles. We had them in both our master bath and the half bath downstairs and they are a PAIN to keep clean - all that grout!

  2. It's good to see you are navigating decorating your "potential" house again. I love that first picture...that room looks cozy. I think I'd stay away from a house that may be targeted for crime. yikes! Good luck on your continued search for that perfect home!

  3. All of those ideas are beautiful. I hope your dinner talk with your husband goes well.

  4. I LOVE the second picture!! Wish that was our home ;)

  5. And when you do find your house it is going to be the best decorated one on the block. I especially love the first picture with the wooden ceilings. It looks so open, and yet so cozy!

  6. I want a clawfoot tub!!!!! I lived in a funky old apartment when I was in university and I was lucky enough to have a tub just like the one in the picture (unfortunately the tub also came with a crazy roommate!). I dream of owning a house that has one, or at least a bathroom big enough so I could install a replica. There was gorgeous free standing tub at C.ostco of all places and I could not stop staring at it!

    I've said it before, you will find your house. I'm certain.

  7. I love that odd chandelier! Not normally my taste, but somehow it appeals to me with those coffered ceilings. Love it.