Thursday, June 24, 2010

excitement, adventure, and really wild things

*Almost countless brownie points to anyone who can name the source of the post title. Of course, all right-thinking people SHOULD know...

So it's been an interesting week. I've ranted about communication issues with my RE (so what else is new?), but let me give you a quick recap since, let's say, Saturday. My DH has been back for a couple of weeks, and he proposed that we needed to have a spring cleaning day. So on Saturday, we each took on some of the tougher long-term projects our house has to offer. I cleaned out the under-the-sink area in the kitchen that so frightens me, and used about a gallon of bleach spray to get it actually sanitary before organizing it. (As well as other sundries - a couple of loads of laundry, a load or two of dishes, groceries, cleaning the bathroom sink and spraying the tub, etc.) My DH collected a whole bunch of books to give away, dusted all the surfaces in the living room, polished the wood, burned extra papers, and mowed half the (huge) lawn - and I'm sure I'm forgetting other things. It was actually the nicest day we've spent in a long time, as we both agreed. And we still had a substantial amount to do, so we're planning to do round two this coming Saturday.

Then, Sunday, as previously mentioned, I persuaded a group to go tubing up in Harper's Ferry. It really was the ideal way to spend a super-hot day - relaxing, cool, and fun. The water must have been nearly 80 degrees - it was serenity itself. And I packed a nice cooler and did a good job on the logistics, if I do say so myself - often the first time to a new destination ends up with a lot of wrong turns and wasted time, but it all went very smoothly. And we finished it off with a delicious dinner at an adorable little restaurant in historic Harper's Ferry (which is tiny, antique, in the mountains, and at the intersection of three you can imagine, I am already plotting ways I could move there to stay).

Also on Sunday, as I have already mentioned, was the start of the Great Raccoon Adventure. I will concede that there is every likelihood that we have had raccoons for some time. Certainly, we have had the Upstairs Neighbors for months. And they do sound like pretty big creatures. But all my reading reassures me that raccoons chatter constantly. Whereas these have not uttered a peep in all these months - until Sunday morning, when one of them apparently chewed through the wiring to the kitchen light fixture and began making this noise. (In fact, that is the only way I have been able to identify them at all - I had long hoped they were squirrels. But the post-wire-eating noise was unquestionably the "raccoon distress call.")

In the coming days, they suddenly started living up to their reputation: constant vocalizations, from cooing and chirping (they seem a largely contented bunch) to two solid hours of "distress call" after the dumb contractor our landlord called decided to fix the holes they entered through by walling them in. In 90+ degree heat. What did they do? Rip a way out again, of course. (At least they found a way to rip to the outside, instead of, say, into my bedroom. Sigh.) Anyway, I think the exterminator is coming tomorrow. I'm trying to think of some way that their presence reflects on my housekeeping. They have not been down here to look for food; we're not allowed to go into the crawl space; we've never fed them; I didn't notice the holes they used, but they can apparently tear a new one in a day. I should have called an exterminator sooner, but I thought they were squirrels, and lived elsewhere and were just visiting, and I could just deter them...apparently they live in my house. So, in a sense, I do have a houseful of kids. Three or four, I would guess, and only a few months old. They're even mammals. They just aren't human. DH and I had agreed that on Tuesday, we would have our summit meeting. He agreed to go to an adorable little French place that I discovered nearby - which he hated. (Because he's crazy. It's SO CUTE and the food is AWESOME.) After we got over our testiness about the venue, we actually drove to the cathedral and sat in the car in the parking lot (it was raining) and had most of our summit meeting. We're both horrible with tangents, but we covered a lot of ground.

I don't have a lot of strong goals at this point, but I do need to write that article. My DH wants to get a degree some time in the next few years, and we agreed that we would both look into degree programs for him. I confessed that I'd kind of like to get into academia, though I know it's a really long shot. He said he wanted to look into adoption but not in any hurry, and understood that I have serious reservations about it; and I acknowledged that I might later change my mind, and was willing to look into it more. We actually didn't talk about spiritual direction or therapy (it wasn't on the agenda, it's just occurring to me now). We did talk about how long we expect to stay in this area. Probably five years; possibly ten; with the likelihood dropping after that. We agreed it's reasonable to look for a house if it appears it would be a good financial investment (in a good area, at a good price, you get the idea).

This morning we finally got our S/A done. I know, those are words you never believed you'd read on this blog. I have noooo idea what I'm expecting the results to be, and I am no more enthused with the collection process than I have been (though I benefited enormously from all the wisdom that you all shared last time I ranted bitterly on this subject. And ultimately, my regular hospital and blood lab made the logistics and scheduling SO easy - the polar opposite of the times and procedures available at every other clinic in the area. They're also the most expensive, but apparently, my DH's insurance covers it!). But it's nice to have it done, and maybe that piece of the puzzle will help to understand the overall picture of my/our defective fertility.

Tonight I'll be going to dinner with some girlfriends I haven't seen in a while, which will be nice. My DH has decided not to come (these gals almost never have any male guests, so that was probably a good call), and I'm looking forward to getting into a pretty dress (that he doesn't like) and picking up some berries and chocolate ice cream for the dessert and having a nice long chat with the ladies, since I don't have to work tomorrow. God willing, no one will bring an infant this time...

I've found I really enjoy spending time with single girls. A lot of them have really well-formed identities (don't know whether that correlates specially with singleness) that make them very interesting to talk to. And, I'll admit, with my childless married friends, I refuse to make plans too far into the future. If they say, "Next year we should take our vacation to _____ together!" I respond, "That sounds great [*]!" *if you haven't adopted by then. I can hear the footnotes; I assume nobody else can. So, single girls are good friends: they have lots of interests, they're navigating the working world too, and if I'm going to lose them to marriage and motherhood, I'll have a good long warning. I feel sort of exploitative saying that, but I'm not friends with all single girls just because of their marital status. I enjoy the company of the ones I like.

The weekend sounds as though it will be nice too - dinner Saturday with another girlfriend, round 2 of spring cleaning during the day Saturday, some friends who live abroad visiting and there will be a party where everyone can see them (but I don't have to throw it!). I'm trying not to think about how soon my DH will be leaving again. It's been so nice having him here, though interspersed with periods of stress, anxiety, and rage on my part. I really need to get my temperament under control.

Anyway so...that's what excitement I have here. On the face of it, my life is none too bad. Now, I just need to learn to enjoy it.


  1. FTR - I have now adjusted the font and type size a good ten times. Though the errors vary, they do not improve. I think maybe I just have to deal with it this way.

  2. Wow, raccoons?! I am glad that your summit talk went reasonably well :) Let us know how dinner with your girlfriends goes!

    PS. I have no idea where the title comes from- don't disown me!! ;-)

  3. I too wanted this background (one of the Watermarks by Josh Peterson)- but I couldn't figure out how in the world to change the font and type size to not RUN into the borders on the pictures. I think it is a design I had to move, give up, and pick a different design. Don't worry, I like your blog no matter what and will continue reading! God Bless!

  4. I, too, have a hard time hanging out with couples that have kids unless we are at their house. My house just doesn't have cool kid stuff, except for our Wii. We have baby stuff, but otherwise kids are going to be bored. And I hate inviting myself over, but I will sometimes just say, "I'll bring dinner if you want to have us over...that way the kids can be in their space and go to bed when you want them to." It works.

  5. racoons!? yikes! Glad that your talk with the hubbs went well, it's nice to get it all out and make some sort of plan about the future. I also say things in my head after my childless friends try to make future plans with us.. But I keep that to myself! :)

  6. First off, I have no idea what your blog title is referring to. Does that make me lame??

    We've warred with racoons since we moved into our townhouse. Fortunately the only damage they've done is to a latern in the backyard.

    As for dining with friends with kids, I try to limit their visits to our house since we don't have a ton of space and we don't have any toys.

    And I totally understand needing to get your temper under control. I've been a raving lunatic the past couple of weeks and I can't blame it all on the end of school!!!!

  7. As for your post title, all I can say is "Holy Zarquon" ;^)

  8. I'm so cool you could keep a side of meat in me for a week. I'm so hip I have trouble seeing over my pelvis. Of course I know the post title.