Friday, May 14, 2010

well hello there

I didn't die. But I've been gone. Way behind on reading (for a while I had been reading and was just behind on commenting - my access to blogger has been quite limited for a while, so I have to work on a new method to stay on top of comments. I was paying attention until this past week!).

So here's the deal. Last weekend the dh and I went to Annapolis for the weekend - I hadn't been before. A fun getaway, and I didn't think at all about all the Mother's Day folk. I got to have a nice weekend away with my husband. Well...sort of, anyway. It was actually kind of an awful weekend. I'm realizing that I don't let go any opportunity to argue or be difficult about stuff. I don't lose my mind, I'm just a PIA all the time. Which appears to be only a moderate problem, except that my dh, as I've somehow managed to miss until now, is not doing well. He's really not. A weekend away without his computer to hide in made that abundantly clear. So, now I'm thinking about finding someone for both of us to see. We did that before we were married and in some ways it's too bad to go back there, but way better than needing help and not getting it. So I'll be looking into that after I get back...

From Austria. 'Cause we're leaving today to be in Vienna, Salzburg, etc., for ten days. (To my Euro-traveling infertile friend: we need to rendezvous somehow. I'll try to check my email while I'm there. I expect to be in Austria proper again Sunday night or Monday morning - we'll be hopping around over the weekend. If we can pull off the logistics, we could have the first intercontinental blogger meeting!)

And yeah. 22-day cycle this past time. Peak day was CD10. At least I got that whole menstruating thing out of the way while I was in New Orleans for work this past week.



  1. Phew! Glad you're alive. I was starting to worry about you. Enjoy your trip to Austria; it's such a beautiful country! Snicks will be there (and Slovenia and Italy) at the beginning of June. Prayers for you and your hubby. Marriage is hard and talking to others about it can definitely help.

  2. Wow! Sounds like you are a traveling fool! But it stinks it was filled with some "stuff" with your hubby! I definitely know the feeling!

    We were in Nebraska all week and one night at dinner Mike commented how we hadn't had a "fight" yet on this trip. We usually have at least 1 "discussion."

    It must have been karma because by the end of dinner we had our fight! ha ha! How ironic is that. Thankfully it was resolved by the time we actually got back to our hotel! So it was pretty minor, but somewhat funny at the same time.

    I hope the help helps! I think the fact that you are willing to do it shows just how committed you are to your marriage. Marriage is hard work and it is good you want it to be the best it can be!

    Happy and safe traveling to you!

  3. Good to hear from you and enjoy your trip! I've never been there. God Bless.

  4. I'm sorry that your husband is not doing well. I hope that going to talk with someone helps both of you. I'm glad you checked in; I was thinking about you!

  5. Euro-traveling infertile friend?? Oooh, that could be me!!
    Have a great time, take lots of pics, and NO CYCLE TALK OR THINK!!

  6. I'm glad you had the weekend away - and the trip to Austria coming up - I haven't traveled in ages but when dh & I made it to Austria it was fantastic :)

    Just said a prayer for you and your sweetie, hoping you will quickly find the path to help you get to a better place emotionally/spiritually/whatever way you need. It's always more complicated than we expect, it seems (or at least that has been my experience).


  7. I think the infertility stuff is harder on marriages/men than most people let on. So far my hubby seems completely nonplussed by the whole thing but I just don't buy it. I fear it'll come crashing out someday, full of resentment or bitterness over the attention *I* pay it or who knows what. Getting help is a good thing. If nothing else, it's a time set aside to air thoughts/feelings when you're BOTH compelled to by the amount of money you're spending for the opportunity :). Good luck and have fun on vacation!!

  8. Welcome back!

    Seeking the kind of help you're referring to is just as important as seeking the medical help in this journey. BTDT. In fact, I'd argue it can be most important IF treatment sometimes. I'm so glad you are both going to go. Prayers for you.

    Have a great time in Austria! DH and I studied there--in a little town about 2 hours from Vienna--for a semester in college and long to visit there again.

  9. Ugh, sorry you didn't have a great weekend with the hubs :(. I know I'm going to sound like a broken record, but you should really check out the book The Surrendered Wife. It has definitely made my life better the last year or so. I used to be really quick with the biting remarks, the sarcastic comebacks, and was quick to point out anything my husband did wrong (whether it was leaving his clothes everywhere or not taking the quickest route to wherever we were going, etc). I'll tell you that since changing how I responded to him - he's changed how he acts toward me. And I never had to ask him to. It was all automatic - that shared respect really just blossomed after a while.
    Anyway, I think counseling is a great idea too, if he's up for it. Hopefully you can get to where you want to be - because you're obviously not happy with how things are.
    Hope you have a great trip to Austria!