Monday, April 19, 2010

poll results: and the winner is (a)

CD1 was Sunday. I'll probably note it as Saturday (because I saw it before I went to bed), but since that was well after midnight, I'll get my CD3 blood draw tomorrow. Can I tell you how much I don't want to get up early and have my blood stolen away tomorrow? No, I guess not.

So it turns out that the answer to the little poll was (a): the misfit's cycle is trying to work things out by the law of averages. That was a 35-day cycle (averaged with the previous 16-day cycle = 25.5 days per cycle). On Sunday morning I realized that I was craving a Diet Coke (what I'm almost always consuming when I consume caffeine). I was immediately concerned - I've had a bit of soda at work lately to keep me awake, so maybe I need to cut back. I've never had a habit-forming reaction to caffeinated beverages ever (or to anything else, either).

A few hours later I realized that the reason I was so tired (and almost certainly the reason I wanted caffeine) was that I hadn't taken thyroid (or my other supplements) in two days. I'm more inclined to forget on weekends (when I'm out of my weekday routine), and often take them in the evening when I finally remember. I took one dose on Sunday evening, but I missed Saturday altogether.

All Sunday I wondered in the back of my mind whether I couldn't have induced a miscarriage by missing a thyroid dose. I know never taking your thyroid could induce miscarriage, but I missed one. And I have been losing weight (11 pounds now!), so although I haven't been re-tested since I switched to natural thyroid (I'm getting that checked tomorrow), my dose should be too high, if anything. So a missed dose would be less of an issue...?

I finally decided that based on the last day that could possibly have been peak day (in an admittedly ambiguous chart), I'd have had a 15- or 16-day LP. (And ovulated late.) The tests I bought were supposed to be sensitive - results up to four days early. I used FMU on Tuesday. The clear negative would logically apply to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but not Sunday. I started my new cycle Sunday. I couldn't be due for my period and miscarrying on the same day (right?). And even if a Saturday test (say) would have been positive, but Tuesday's test was too early to show it, I'd have had to have miscarried at 16/17dpo - that's a little early, surely.

And I've never ever been pregnant, and why now, after a super-weird cycle? Even if the missed thyroid dose was really harmful, surely its effects wouldn't be locked in within 12 hours?

So, logically, I think that's a no. No miscarriage. I'm still tempted to buy an hpt tonight and take it. If I were miscarrying, presumably it would still be positive. That's not crazy, right? I mean, yes, it is. It is crazy. But is it crazier than an infertile should be? Who could possibly never have a positive hpt (and the urine test the RE took last Monday was negative also), but still miscarry? I guess I could if anybody could.

Also, with regard to Dr. L/C's suggestion that I take clomid, I'm going to suggest Wheelbarrow Rider's low-dose amount. I'm also going to ask the doc about HCG instead. I get the impression that that has fewer side effects (am I right there?). And it wouldn't just jack up my estradiol and make my endo return with a vengeance, right? I don't know that it would actually have the necessary effect in my case, but I can ask her what she thinks. I don't want any more tamoxifen (I took five months' worth all told), or clomid either.

The necklace is still not on sale, BTW, but I am watching. I was going to go into the extent of my perhaps too-extensive shopping blitz lately, but now I'm ashamed. Suffice it to say, I let things I need to replace (my DH's blazers that he wears fairly hard; my windshield wiper blades that got ripped during DC's snowmageddon; my sister's Christmas present that didn't fit which I've been trying valiantly to replace - I finally found something super-cute; my contacts, whose prescription is over a year out of date) pile up, and I have contributed significantly to the consumer retail economy in the DC metro area in the past few days. That's the definition of fiscal responsibility, right?

Oh, yes, and our friend the Asian por.nspammer has been reading diligently, and learning a lot from all of you. Behold:

It's almost like I'm performing a public service. If this goes on long enough, s/he may actually learn English.


  1. You are so kind to share your message with the po.rnspammers. :) I didn't respond to clomid but am really doing well with follistim. Just another option...

  2. you are not so crazy. I have thought of taking a HPT on the first day of my period too.

    HOWEVER--- Do your readers need to band together and BUY you a thermometer?!? Taking your waking temps (as annoying as it is for the first several weeks till you get used to the routine) provides so much amazing info about your body. I know the NaPro people arn't as big on it, but let me tell ya- it does help. AND, during you LP you can see just how high the temp is going, and you may get a temp drop right before AF, thus heralding AF in a kinder, gentler way.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me rant. :)

  3. I have a thermometer :). I just haven't used it since my surgery. Just for you, starting Wednesday (tomorrow I'll be up at an unaccustomed time), I'll start taking my temps again.

  4. Sorry about CD1, but it's great that you at least didn't have another super short cycle. I will be joining you in temping again soon. Good luck with the upcoming cycle.

  5. lol re po.rn spammer! I hope the hcg (yes less side effects) and the low dose clomid do the trick. a peak plus 7 will certainly let you know re the clomid. i think they just looked at my charting to know if the hcg was working since my draws are always before I take the shot. i do hcg on peak plus 3,5,7,and 9 and did do full amt but small side effect (hands felt hot and looked swollen) so we halved it and still works just as well. HTHs!

  6. i'm terrible at taking my temps. shoving a thermometer under my tounge is probably one of the easiest things to do while half asleep, yet i i can't seem to find the time to do it.

  7. Yea for the thermometer. With my PCOS I have estrogen surges that cause me to have “peak” looking days, but I do not actually ovulate. I would never know for sure without my thermometer.

    On the whole HPT thing. First, even the early ones do not pick up a pregnancy for everyone 4, 3, 2, 1 days before a missed period. If you read the statistics inside, it will say something like 60% who are actually pregnant receive a + at 4 bmp. The absolute earliest I have ever gotten a + was 3 days before miss period, but even that was only once. Second, yes, you can be pregnant (and get a positive test) and then immediately miscarry. “Chemical pregnancy” is the term they’ve coined for that cruel little phenomenon. I’ve never experienced it, but I believe your HCG never gets much higher than 50, so you get a + test that morning and then start bleeding that day or the next. This may not be what happened here, but I was just saying that this situation does happen.

    Don’t worry about the shopping adventures. It’s your little way to help out the economy, right?

    I’m so sorry about this crazy cycle and I it sounds like you have some new ideas of things to look into.

    I’m going to email you back one day. I’ve got to take some pictures first.

  8. I took an HPT last night - one of the two-lines types this time. (And the selection was awful at the grocery store, so now I have four extra tests sitting in my bathroom. SIGH.) Definitely negative. I watched the blurry pink mess slowly turn into a single dark magenta line with sharp, clear edges. Chemistry is fascinating. But I'm not sure these test really come in a "two lines" version. I think they're only capable of showing one.

    Anyway, I'm willing to let that put to rest any possibility of an early miscarriage.

  9. and the extra tests will burn a hole under your bathroom sink, right? I know they do for me. They taunt me.

    to comment on your most recent post- I do remember the very very scared feeling, the morning I took a HPT that was positive with my daughter, (bad grammar there, sorry, but you get the point) that I was really actually scared to change the status quo of my life. It was going along fine, and now- a possible baby! Very scary indeed, despite the fact that I really really wanted a baby.

    Anyway, agreed about the house. It's going to be a bitch, but finding one that you can pay comfortably on 1 or 1.5 incomes is going to be so very nice, for whatever is ahead. (Like when you leave the law, and do home decor part time-- seems you have a gift there!!)